Our Curriculum

Children get just one childhood: it should be a magical and happy time and their primary education should leave a host of positive and meaningful memories that last for the rest of their life.

Will Ryan

Our Curriculum Principles



Values Driven




Preparing our children...

At Rownhams, we are passionate about delivering a curriculum that develops the whole child. We raise aspirations and make learning irresistible for to all children enabling each individual to gain the skills, knowledge and understanding in order for them to thrive as happy, confident and healthy (both physically and mentally) individuals. 

Making it real...

Our integrated curriculum allows us to be purposeful, relevant and adaptable in our teaching: following lines of enquiry, keeping up with worldly affairs and giving pupil voice. We ignite curiosity and creativity through the use of inspirational hooks and meaningful outcomes fostering a sense of awe and wonder.  Real life experiences, the use of computing and trips enhance the learning for all children offering fulfilment at all levels.

Learning to learn...

At the heart our Rownhams curriculum, sit our learning behaviours which enable children to be conscientious learners for life developing healthy attitudes and habits that support them in an ever changing world,  in their growth into respected members of the local and global community.

Our Learning Buttons

Go Getter

We can work independently. We plan a way forward even when things get tough. We are resourceful, making use of what we have to hand. We are solution finders not excuse makers.

Effort Maker

We do our best 100% of the time, we persevere with our learning and take pride in all of our work.

Risk Taker

We take calculated risks and can express ourselves in many ways. We look for new ideas and try something different every day. We create, design and make.

Reflective Learner

We know that mistakes can make us better. We are not afraid to get it wrong – it just means we are trying. We are reflective in our learning, always looking for ways to do things better. We listen and take on feedback from others and are resilient in the face of difficulties.

Problem Solver

We have a go and use our initiative. We can be logical and systematic and can make connections between ideas. We are curious and ask questions about the world around us. We use our imagination and think creatively.

Team Builder

We listen to the ideas of others and communicate clearly with each other. We share responsibility and work fairly, taking on a role when working in a team.