The following websites offer great advice if you are concerned with any e-safety or online security issues:

Discussing the following questions among your family can be a great way to develop a secure approach to life online at home:

  • How many internet connected devices has your family got?
  • What online services do you all use?
  • What protection mechanisms do you use?
  • What does your ‘digital footprint’ look like?
  • What would happen if you had a problem?
  • Are you a positive digital role model?
  • Have you got a ‘family agreement’?

All major social media apps/websites; ISP providers; mainstream websites and brands all have their own advice on online safety and security.  Try typing the name of the site/app followed by the keywords ‘security’ or ‘safety’ into your search browser and that should take you straight to the pages you are looking for.

If you need any further advice or want to ask any questions then please speak to your child’s class teacher who can help you or direct you to someone in school who can.