Rownhams St Johns CE Primary School

 PE and Sports Premium 2015-16

The grant provided by Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport was delegated as follows:

Total Eligible Pupils 295 (5yrs+)

PE and Sports Funding Received: £9,275

  • Participation in local and regional sports competitions with Personal Best Education (PBed) and Sports Ambassador trainingInter school competitions for football, netball, hockey, basketball, athletics, tennis, cross country, golf, tag rugby, cricket  £1,800
  • Specialist coaches delivering PE and games lessons alongside teachers and LSAs promoting the positive value of sport and development of core PE skills and dissemination of how to do this to teachers and LSAs  and specialist coaches for extra-curricular activities and clubs – contribution of £5,905 (Total amount £7,070)
  • Professional Development for school staff in Sports and PE  £530
  • Whole School Skipping Workshop involving training Mid-day Supervisory Assistants £560
  • Whole school Olympics Dance Workshop £560
  • PE resources and play equipment £130
  • Upkeep and maintenance of our tangle tree and trim trail £50

Impact of this funding

  • Increased opportunities for pupils to participate in Level 2 (local inter-schools) competitions which has led to participation in regional competitions
  • Professional coaches able to lead sports sessions during and after the school day promoting a higher level of participation
  • Supporting classteachers and LSAs to develop their teaching of PE and Sports and as a result children attaining a higher level of skill development
  • Whole School workshops involved all children and staff raising the participation and involvement of all especially those children who don’t normally take part. Workshops involved element of training mid-day supervisors resulting in improving quality of play and interactions at lunchtimes
  • High quality PE resources raising the quality of PE delivery and making PE lessons more engaging for children
  • Good quality play equipment making break-time and lunchtimes more active. Play leaders (adult and child) encouraging a wider range of children to take part in physical activity. Further impact of this has been that behaviour at break and lunchtimes is now very good
  • A wider range of sports introduced to the children and opportunities for progression extended.
  • Maintaining our tangle tree and trim trail enables the children to continually access this equipment and the impact of this is that a wider group of children are accessing equipment which develops them physically


The school is committed to sustain the quality of PE and Sports provision ensuring access to PE and Sport for all.


PE and Sports Premium 2016-17

For the new academic year we will receive £8,000 plus £5 per child.  This will mean a total of £9,475.  £5,527 will be paid in November and £3,948.

We will be using this money to continue to fund our participation in the local Sports Pyramid, staff development, whole school workshops and new sports resources including new netball posts and football goals.