Fruits for the soul

This week in the blog you’ll find photos from Team 1/2's visit to the gardens to observe the changes over summer - and they were thrilled to find some fruit ready to pick. Our Year R children have also been enjoying the outdoors, whilst Team 3/4 and Team 5/6 have been studying different themes in their RE lessons. Today, we have had tons of fun on our Inclusion Day so look out for photos from the event in next week’s blog. We also have an update below on our new play equipment, which was postponed, but is now due to be installed in the week beginning the 2nd October. We can’t wait!

Year R - Playing Outside

Year R have loved spending lots of time outdoors this week. Some highlights include making patterns in flour, fishing for water beads, measuring with rice and building obstacle courses.

Year 1/2 - Gardening

What an brilliant time we had in the vegetable garden this week! We enjoyed looking at how our plants had grown and changed over the summer holiday and were excited to find that some of the fruits were ready to be picked.

Year 3/4 - The Christian Creation Story

This week, year 3/4 have been looking at the Christian creation story.  The focus was learning about the story itself and what it means to them and Christians.  We started by having a discussion about how they think the earth was created – we wrote them in our class spirituality book.  After this, we considered times we had created something amazing ourselves and how it made us feel.  We then found out more about the Christian creation story which led us to thinking about what rules we should follow to look after the earth.  This was nicely timed just before our week of worships on ‘Recycling Week’ – ‘Reduce, Reuse & Recycle!

Year 5/6 - The Wonder of Creation

In R.E.,the children explored what they found wonderful about creation by drawing pictures of something they thought was beautiful. They then looked at the Christian creation story and summarised and retold it using images.

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