A Walk through Our Learning

This week's blog in four words: storytelling, walking, bridges, and gods! This week Team 1/2 took their learning outside the classroom, and explored the local area as part of their learning in Geography. They discovered lots of human and physical geographical features on their walk - thank you to our parent helpers who supported Team 1/2 to walk safely around Rownhams. Also in the blog this week, Year R have repurposed their classroom into a theatre as they used drama to explore a new book, "The Enormous Turnip". Meanwhile, Team 5/6 have been exploring Christian's ideas about God in their RE lessons, and Team 3/4 have been busy in their DT lessons building the first stage of their bridges. Read on to find out more about the children's learning this week - and remember, you can find more photos from across the school on our Instagram and Facebook pages (both @RownhamsSchool).

Year R: Storytelling Drama

In Year R, the children reveled in “The Enormous Turnip”. Acting out scenes with eager anticipation, they immersed themselves in the narrative, giggling at the antics of the characters and eagerly predicting the outcome.

On the field, they played a variety of sports games. With hula hoops twirling, rackets swishing, and hurdles conquered, they embraced the spirit of friendly competition and active play. Amidst laughter and cheers, they learned valuable lessons of sportsmanship and cooperation, in preparation for our Sport day.

Team 1 / 2: Local Area Walk

In Geography this half term the children have been learning all about our local area, and its human and physical features.Β 

This week, we all went on a walk around Rownhams to see if we could answer the question “Are there more human or physical features in Rownhams?”. We had great fun spotting all of the different features and noticing the different types of houses in Rownhams. The children decided that there were lots of different human features in Rownhams because lots of humans live here and they need human features like shops, roads and houses! We were also surprised to see how many trees and detached houses there were. We decided that Rownhams was a very beautiful and peaceful place to live because of all the physical features, like the trees and the pond.Β 

Team 3 / 4: Bridge Building

This week in their DT lessons, Team 3/4 have been preparing the first stage of their bridges by sawing wood. They carefully measured four parts, then used them to make two sides of a triangle, and then they worked in pairs to measure the third side. We look forward to sharing photos of the next stage in future blog posts…

Team 5 / 6: Exploring ideas about God

In their R.E. lessons, Team 5/6 have been exploring what it means to Christians to have a god who is both loving and holy. They looked at extracts from the Bible to learn how God is described, including a passage that explained some things that God does not like, such as lying and being arrogant. The children reflected on how God must like the opposite of those things, such as telling the truth and treating others as equals.

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