An expedition to the South Pole

Our Year 1/2 children have been on an expedition to the South and whilst they were there they learned all about a famous Royal Navy Officer called Captain Robert Falcon Scott! Y3/4 have taken a step further to a galaxy far, far away, Year 5/6 have been building shelters and Year R have been celebrating the Lunar New Year and reading one of my favourite stories 'The Tiger Who Came To Tea'.

Year R - Celebrating the Lunar New Year

Year R have begun learning about the Lunar New Year. We found out that 2022 is the year of the tiger and this inspired us to read the story of ‘The Tiger who came to tea’. We enjoyed making and serving our own cups of tea to our friends and discovered how tricky it is to pour without and spills! We have also made our own New Year cards and are looking forward to going on a walk to post them next week.

Year 1/2 - Expedition to the South Pole

This week, Year 1/2 have been learning all about Captain Robert Falcon Scott who was a Royal Navy Officer who led expeditions to the South Pole. The children have loved learning all about his journey and the difficulties that he and his team faced. As well as creating timelines of events, the children have acted out key events thinking carefully about how Scott would have felt during his exploration.

Year 3/4 - Describing a galaxy far far away!

Year 3 4 have been learning to make choices as professional writers this week! Following a visit from Miss Hoyle who demonstrated a special technique we can use to craft sentences, we have been busy using our imagination to describe our own Sci-Fi planets! We have been transported through wonderful vocabulary choices, noun phrases, prepositional phrases, and verbs to some galaxies far far away………! Look at us writing, we are stellar!

Year 5/6 - Building Shelters

This week we have taken the next step in our shelter building topic. The children were challenged to make their shelter out of natural materials found around the school ground. It needed to be as close to their original design as possible and look as similar to possible as their mock up last week. Very shortly after beginning, a lot of children realised this was a harder task than they had originally thought and found that connecting the sticks together was not as easy as it seemed. We ended up all making teepee type designs, which unfortunately didn’t test very well, and therefore allowed us to evaluate them against our original designs and four test outcomes.We will have a rebuild next week after we have learnt some frame joining techniques.


Year 5 have continued their statistics Maths topic where they have been gathering and reading data from graphs, charts and timetables. Year 6 have brought their Fractions, Decimal and Percentage work to a successful end. 


We also continued our Science investigations and were testing different solids to see if they were soluble or insoluble. We had to carefully measure our solids and make sure we mixed them into the same amount of water, stirring for the same amount of time and leaving them to settle for the same amount of time also. A couple of the mixtures were quite tricky to figure out but once we knew what to look for, we could decide which type of solid it was.

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