Artefacts and Athletics

This week's blog in four words: doubles, artefacts, art, and athletics! This week in the blog, Year 3 have been engaged in learning across the curriculum whilst Year 4 have been out for the afternoons having their swimming lessons. Team 5/6 have also been focusing on PE, as they have been preparing for their 'Children in Charge - Athletics' event taking place next month. Meanwhile, in Key Stage 1, Team 1/2 have been exploring some historical artefacts, whilst Year R have been strengthening their understanding of doubles! Keep reading to discover lots of photos of the children's learning this week...

Year R: Double the fun

Year R have been having lots of fun in the sun this week. They have been playing games, riding bikes, enjoying water play and using our bodies in different ways to move the hula hoops. In Maths, we discovered that doubles mean having two of the same. Outside, we chalked doubles on the playground, counting and giggling along the way. Through play and exploration, our little mathematicians unlocked the secrets of doubles, exploring doubles up to 10

Team 1 / 2: Historical Artefacts

This week Team 1 /2 had an exciting delivery of a mystery box…

We looked really carefully at the contents of the box to discover what it was all about. We realised that they were all artefacts that taught us all about Queen Elizabeth 1st, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth 2nd. We were fascinated to compare the artefact and see how things had changed over time. 

To help us observe these artefacts carefully we tried to make accurate sketches of them and write down the key information about each artefact to then turn into our very own museum. We were all fascinated by the wax seal and what people used to write with before we had computers and phones!

Team 3 / 4: Outdoor Art

Whilst the Year 4 children have been working hard on improving their swimming each afternoon, Year 3 have been doing some exciting and interesting learning in school. On Monday, they explored Hindu Gods in RE, then on Tuesday they did some teamwork problem solving. On Wednesday they continued to develop their coding skills on the laptops/iPads, and on Thursday they learned all about the Olympics. Finally, today’s learning was all about art outside. The children took time to appreciate the natural environment around school and chose to draw something that inspired them.

Team 5 / 6: Athletics Training

This week, the pupils in Team 5/6 have been preparing for the Children-in-Charge Athletics event for their parents and carers. This will be held on Wednesday 26th June, 1:30-2:45 pm on the school field. The children are currently mastering new athletic skills and learning how to teach those skills to others. It looks like it’s going to be a fabulous afternoon with lots of fun and games to take part in. We’re looking forward to it!

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