Behaviour at Rownhams

Children are invariably trying to solve problems rather than be one. The solutions to problems are often misguided because their concept of the problem is faulty or because their skills leave much to be desired.

Martin Herbert (1985)

At Rownhams we believe that all behaviour is a form of communication and therefore try to understand why the behaviour is happening so that we can seek to improve it. We also aim to be overwhelmlingly positive with our behaviour management. You can read our current policy below and are aims are as follows:

We aim to:

  • promote high standards by modelling positive behaviours at all times.
  • encourage high standards of work and behaviour emphasising praise and positive reinforcement.
  • ensure that all adults and children treat each other with mutual respect and consideration.
  • promote the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development of our pupils to enable them to become successful and well- rounded citizens.