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Da Vinci who?

We have had a truly special first week back to school. It is so wonderful to be able to see the children together again and we have had our first Collective Worship in the hall since before the pandemic began. This week in Year 1 to 6 we have been studying famous artists and creating portraits, and of course, for our smallest children, Thursday was their very first day!

Welcome to all of our new families, too. It is lovely to have you join our Team Rownhams community. You can read all about our week here…

Year R - Welcome to Rownhams

We have had a wonderful week welcoming our new Year R children to Rownhams. The children have all settled brilliantly and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each other. Some highlights include making giant bubbles, racing wind-up toys and creating a dinosaur land. We can’t wait to see you all back on Monday! 

Year 1/2 - Picasso Portraits

Year 1/2 have enjoyed really looking at ourselves in the mirrors to do self portraits. We have been learning about Pablo Piccasso and have used pastels, to colour bright shapes, for our portraits, in the style of this interesting artist who invented Cubism.

Year 3/4 - Frida Kahlo Portraits

This week in year 3/4 we have been getting ready for the year ahead by reminding ourselves of our school values and their meanings.  For Love, we looked at the different forms of love and those around us who show it to us as well as consider what life may be like if love wasn’t shared with each other.  The value of Joy was learnt by choosing precise vocabulary that matched different emojis.  The concept of Responsibility was explored by thinking about how we can make a big difference by doing small things, particularly for the environment and world around us.

As well as the values, we also revised each of the learning buttons and how they can help us with our learning by making us consider what type of thinking we need to do to achieve our personal best.  The buttons which are: risk taker; effort maker; team builder; go getter; reflective learner and problem solver help us to ‘think about our thinking’.

In addition to this, we have been studying the history and style of painting completed by the Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo.  Her self-portraits with vibrant and expressive backgrounds have been inspiring to all of us and helped us create our own versions including the use of collage and  pastels.  We have included some examples that we hope you will enjoy.

Year 5/6 - Da Vinci who?

Year 5/6 have had to have a really hard look at ourselves this first week back… by doing self portraits. We started with a no input ‘cold task’ where we had to look in a mirror and draw what we saw. We then learnt how to draw all the separate features of a face along with the appropriate proportions and balance – Then we had another go. The differences have been astonishing. We are so impressed with the amount of artistic talent in this year group. The final challenge was to replicate a Da Vinci classic or draw ourselves in his style. 5/6 rose to every challenge and just kept going! Keep it up everyone.

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