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Evacuation Day!

We have had a wonderful start back after our week off for the half term holiday. Year R have been very busy studying shapes, learning more about dinosaurs and have been exploring magnetism. Year 3/4 have continued to work on their text the "Firework Maker's Daughter" and Year 1/2 have published their own books based on their text "Orion and the Dark". And, as promised, we have some photos from the Year 5/6 Evacuation Day from the last day of last half term.

This week, Snow Leopards had a wonderful trip to Minstead so look out for photos on this next week once all the other classes have been, too!

Year R - Super shapes

This week in YR we have been studying shapes in maths.  We have been folding shapes to see what other shapes we can make.  We have been using tangram shapes.  We have been seeing what shapes we can make with ‘numicon’ arranged in different ways.

We have been learning about dinosaurs skeletons and have matched them to pictures.  We have been talking about the teeth of dinosaurs, how many legs they have and if this relates to the type of food they used to eat.  

We have been exploring magnetism with construction toys and have been looking after our plants. We have some healthy looking potato plants which we hope will produce potatoes by the end of the summer term.

We have been writing adventure stories which have included different ways of travel and different animals. 

Year 1/2 - Published Authors

What a fantastic return for the final part of the Summer term! It has been so wonderful to see everyone again and we have all enjoyed the glorious weather this week.

We have been particularly proud of our Orion and the Dark stories told from the perspective of ‘The Dark’ and we really look forward to sharing them with everyone at home very soon!

Year 3/4 - The Firework Maker's Daughter

Year 3/4 have had a brilliant start to the new half term, delving into their new text, ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’. We have some exciting STEM projects planned including making a light up firework display using our knowledge of circuits, applying our computer programming skills to help us make rockets and lots of woodwork opportunities, too, when we build a box of fireworks. We can’t wait.

Year 5/6 - Evacuation Day

On the last day of half term, Year 5/6 enjoyed a blast into the past when we experienced school life in a 1940s classroom. 

Many of the children (and the staff of course) dressed up in the fashion of the time and enjoyed a range of WW2 related activities.  

Firstly, we made a gas mask and practised an air raid siren. Then we got on the train and travelled to the ‘countryside’ where many of the children were ‘picked’ to go to the homes of the country folk.   Then the children had to join the ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign and plant enough food to feed a family and make a profit. The children designed their garden and then created the mini allotments out of modelling clay thinking about scale, measurements and money.   

To finish off, we finally got the chance to watch Goodnight Mister Tom which we were able to compare with the novel we read earlier in the year. 

A lovely end to the half term!

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