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This week's blog in four words: Vibrations, Monsters, Tectonics, and Fashion! This week, Team 5/6 have been creating their own clothing designs, using patterned material inspired by the work of abstract artist Piet Mondrian. Also in the blog, Team 1/2 share the excitement they had when they discovered that 'Nibbles the Book Monster' had sneaked into their classroom and shared his favourite snacks! Team 3/4 have been busy learning how tectonic plates create physical features in Geography, whilst Year R have been busy using rubber bands to explore vibrations and sound waves. Read on to find lots of photos of the children's learning this week!

Year R: Good Vibrations

Year R have had lots of fun this week exploring sound and how we hear different noises. Using elastic bands wrapped around different sized boxes, the children were able to see and hear the vibrations that were caused when they plucked the bands. They found that different sized bands made different noises when they were plucked! Year R have also enjoyed practising and competing in Sports Day this week – through running, throwing and jumping their way through the events, they showed great sportsmanship and we’re already looking forward to next year!

Team 1 / 2: Nibbles the Book Monster

Last week when the children returned from break, they were shocked to discover that something had entered their classroom and munched their way through all of the books in the book corners! On closer inspection, the children worked out that it had been Nibbles the Book Monster and that he had delivered to Team 1/2 one of his favourite book snacks that he liked to eat. The children have had great fun reading this interesting and humorous non fiction book and learnt all about Nibbles along the way. The children decided to write a ‘How to guide’ for anyone that manages to catch that pesky monster so that he wouldn’t be able to destroy any more books. Take a look at their incredible writing!

Team 3 / 4: Tectonic Plates, Ash Clouds and Volcanic Bombs!

In Geography this week, Team 3/4 have been learning about the movement of tectonic plates and how these can cause physical features such as mountains and volcanoes. We found out that the movement of tectonic plates can cause openings in the Earth’s crust, which allows magma, hot ash and gases to escape. We then decided to roleplay a volcanic eruption outside, to demonstrate the process in an active way!

Team 5 / 6: Abstract Fashion Designs

Piet Mondrian (1872-1944) was a Dutch artist who remains well known for his abstract paintings, many of which use squares and rectangles. Mondrian’s designs have been used as inspiration for fashion, including six cocktail dresses designed by the famous designer Yves St Laurent in 1965. In 2024, Team 5/6 have been inspired by Mondrian and Dior! They used rollers on bright paint to create different ‘prints’ that could be used as ‘materials’. They then used these ‘materials’ to create abstract fashion designs based on bright colours and strong lines. We think you’ll agree they are distinct and very wearable pieces. Well done Team 5/6!

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