Getting active at Multi-Skills

This week we have been dreaming about summer, coding with SamLabs, getting electric about fireworks and being active and sporty at our Multi-Skills festival! Well done everyone!!

Year R - Here comes summer !

Year R children have been thinking about Summer and what changes happen in summer, creating a summer display.  We have also had new visitors to the classrooms in the shape of caterpillars which we will be studying over the summer term.  We are going to keep a caterpiller diary to record what happens to them.  Other children have been planning a summer wedding, designing dresses and organising the celebration.

Some children have been creating dinosaurs from ‘fossils’ collected at an ‘archeological dig’ and painting dinosaur scenes with the challenge of turning a handprint into a dinosaur.

Some children have been inspired by football and wanted to get in the spirit with a football just dance.

Year 1/2 - Multi-skills festival

What a lovely group of children to take to the Mountbatten multi-skills festival. We were lucky with the weather which stayed dry and actually became increasingly warm. The children worked so hard on each activity; they truly tried their best for team points and got their deserved reward when they were given a gold award for excellent teamwork, enthusiasm and determination. We were then given an additional award for the school who had shown the greatest respect;  showing the best manners and positivity. They certainly showed our school values and we are very proud of their behaviour, effort and attitude. A big thank you to all of the parents who arranged for their children to be dropped off and collected after the tournament.

Year 3/4 - Electric firework displays

Year 3/4 have been busy fine tuning their knowledge and understanding of electric circuits over the last few weeks. They put their skills to the test during our challenge to design and make an electric firework display using switches to control each explosion of colour. If you look at the photos of the back of their display boxes you can see their circuits and the switches they made. 

The children’s teamwork skills were also on display, showing that they know how to listen and respond to the ideas of others, utilise people’s strengths and encourage and support their friends.

Year 5/6 - SAM Labs

This week Year 5/6 had the chance to explore SAM Labs.  SAM Labs is a web-based Coding platform that encourages the children to problem-solve.  After getting used to the equipment, and creating a SAM Labs’ car that moved, we challenged the children to code a set of traffic lights.   

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