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Our Governing Body

The Governors are proud of how the school has manged the challenges of COVID-19. The amazing efforts of staff and cooperation of parents to deliver the great plans in place has ensured that education can continue in a safe environment.

We are acutely aware of the impact on some children and we will use the catch-up funding, and if necessary our own funding, to address this and close any gaps in learning and progress. Our Governing Body wish to make it clear that intend that ‘no child is left behind’.

Andrew Brown
Chair of Governors

About our Governing Body

We currently twelve governors at Rownhams St John’s.  Our governors range from those who are relatively new to governing to those with over ten years experience.  We all have different skills, experiences and interests that they bring to this role. However, we all share a commitment and interest in our children’s future and improving educational outcomes.

Our purpose is to:

  •  think strategically
  •  support and challenge the school to ensure that children are getting the best education possible;
  •  ensure that the school is using its resources well
  •  ensure a Christian ethos pervades the life of the school

To do this we have different committees who cover these roles. These committees are Standards, Resources and Pay & Personnel. As well as these committees, we all come together each half term as a Full Governing Body.

You can find more information on our Governing Body by following the links below:

You can find information on our school’s finances here:

No child left behind