Learning Outside the Classroom

This week in the blog, you can learn more about the school trips that took place at both ends of the school! Year R visited Testwood Lakes and encountered lots of different insects and minibeasts; meanwhile, Team 5/6 visited Winchester Science Centre and took part in a rocket-building workshop and learned more about space an immersive planetarium show. Also in the blog, Team 3/4 reflect on the PSHE workshop they took part in, in a 'pop-up' classroom, whilst Team 1/2 share their oil-pastel flower drawings inspired by a famous artist. Keep reading to learn more about the children's learning this week!

Year R: A Trip to Testwood Lakes

Our Year R’s recently embarked on an exciting school trip to Testwood Lakes, exploring habitats and immersing themselves in nature’s wonders. The day was filled with thrilling activities, starting with sweeping for bugs in the meadows using large nets. The children eagerly caught, observed and identified various insects. Pond dipping was a highlight, as they discovered fascinating aquatic creatures and studies their life cycles. The woodland area offered a perfect setting for spotting minibeasts where we found beetles, worms, millipedes and other tiny inhabitants. Ash and Oak made us all very proud and represented our school superbly.

Year 1 / 2: Oil pastel Artwork

This week, Team 1/2 have been exploring the artwork of Georgia O’Keeffe, an American modernist painter. Using their observational skills, the children looked carefully at real life flowers, and drew their own version using oil pastels. Their final pieces look stunning! 

Year 3 / 4: SCARF Workshops

This week, we were lucky enough to have Coram Life Education (a leading charity provider of relationships, health, and wellbeing education) visit us and deliver a mental health wellbeing workshop for each class. These were delivered in their ‘LifeSpace’ pop-up classroom. Team 3/4′ workshop was focused on the theme of ‘Acceptance’; other classes explored themes of resilience and bouncing back, emotional regulation, and the relationship between our brain and stress. The children all listened and engaged really well with the workshops – we hope that they enjoyed and benefitted from all that they learned. A special thank you to our SCARF educator Lucy, who created such a great learning environment!

Year 5 / 6: An 'Out of this World' school trip

Team 5/6 spent an amazing day at the Winchester Science Centre. The children were brilliant at showing off their knowledge in the planetarium show about the order of the planets. They became aerospace engineers and had to design their ow rocket, test it and create a second tested version. The rest of the time was spent exploring and investigating all of the amazing activities the centre had to offer. We could not have been prouder of how well behaved they were and how fantastically they showed our values. Well done Team 5/6!

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