Snow forecast and closure procedures

It would be extremely rare for Rownhams St John’s Primary School to have to close on a day when it should be open to pupils. However it is possible that for health and safety reasons such as the failure of power, heating or water supply we would be unable to remain open. Severe weather such as heavy snow could also cause the closure of the school at short notice.

Hopefully these arrangements will rarely, if ever, be needed but it is important for you to be aware of how we will keep you informed in the event of it happening. Please be aware that this will be a local decision.
Advance warning of event likely to necessitate a school closure
Once advance warning is received, a message will be displayed on the school website indicating the school’s status, advising parents/carers to regularly check the school website for updates.

Closing before the start of the school day
Please check the school website – a message will be displayed from 7.30am indicating whether the school is open or closed.

Breakfast Club – Please be aware that Breakfast Club will not operate if the school is closed.

A text and email will be sent to all parents/carers regarding the closure. The closure information will be displayed on the HCC website ( and displayed/reported on some local radio websites.

Towards the end of the school day, a further message will be posted on the school website regarding the following day. This will indicate either that school will be open or closed or that a decision will be taken at the earliest opportunity the following day with a further message being displayed from 7.30am.

Closing during the school day
Pupils will be kept in school until contact is made with their parent/carer and collected by an authorised adult.

If school stays open you are expected to make every attempt to get your child/children to school.
However, if you feel getting to school puts their safety at risk then you need to make a phone call to school explaining this, leaving a message on the answering machine if no one is there to take your call.

Countdown to Christmas

There is so much going on at this time of year that we thought a Countdown to Christmas letter might help us keep on

Christmas Fair

hampersChristmas is coming and we are all starting to get really excited.  Friday 2nd December is the FORCE Christmas Fair starting at 3.30pm until 5.30pm.  The hamper raffle is going to be really successful.  Thank you Hamper makers for the brilliant job you did last week.

Year 2 help us celebrate Harvest!

On Monday 3rd October, Year 2 led not one, but two Harvest celebrations for the children and parents. They all did extremely well, and along with Revd Julian, led us to reflect upon how our food donations can make such a big difference. Thank you to all who came and showed support or kindly donated food.

Year R: Finding a bed that is just right.

Year R have been getting stuck in to a Science investigation this week where they have been trying to find the comfiest bed for the 3 bears. They thought carefully about which materials would be soft and cosy and eventually they made a bed that was just right.

As you can see – it was tiring work!

New names for our cute bunnies

During Celebration Worship today, Rabbit A and Rabbit B finally got their names as chosen by the children.  From now on they are to be known as Snowdrop and Twinkletoes!


Open Morning for Year R 2017 intake.

We shall be hosting an open morning on Wednesday 2nd November 2016. There will be two sessions, 9.30 to 10.30am and 11am to

There shall be a brief introduction by the Headteacher followed by a tour by some of our current older pupils.

Please contact the school on 02380 736417 to book into one of the sessions.
If you are unable to attend an arrangement can be made for a different day and time.

Rabbits @ Rownhams

We recently welcomed two new additions to the Rownhams family. Our new Rownhams rabbits are settling in nicely and have been taking the opportunity to graze in their run this week. Children and staff are currently voting on the names they would like to give our furry friends and we will keep you updated when the news is announced!

More information will be added to the ‘Rownhams Rabbits’ page under ‘The School’ tab. Click on the thumbnail below to have a look at our lovely new bunnies.