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NHS Solent Award – thank you!

Here's one final 'bonus' blog before we head off into the Summer holidays and it's one worth sharing - we have been nominated for an NHS Solent Award!

Several of our parents and carers work for the NHS. At Rownhams School we are in awe of the work they do – especially during the coronavirus pandemic. They are all absolute heroes and we’ll do anything we can do to help them do their jobs – and that is what we have tried to do over the last few months. As a way of showing appreciation we have been presented with this award from one of our amazing NHS families. Inside the card it reads:

To all the teachers and staff at Rownhams.

Over the last few months we have experienced unprecedented times. This badge is a symbol of recognition for your lived experiences and gratitude for your contribution you have all made in enabling children to learn and feel secure during difficult times. The rainbow has become a symbol of the NHS and COVID-19 but it also demonstrates the sunshine you have given to the kids. Thanks.

It was also lovely that Miss Ramsdale received an NHS Solent Award as a special thank you from the parents of Rory.  This kind of mutual respect and appreciation between school and home, has been mirrored across our community.

Thank you for our awards and sentiments and, in turn, we appreciate your response and support during these times. Well done everyone!

A quick 'catch-up' and Year 6 Graduation Videos...

Today, we were able to briefly welcome back our Year 2, 3, 4 and 5 children. It was so wonderful to catch-up with them before the summer holidays. They all seem to have a grown a foot taller! We are very much looking forward to welcoming you back properly in September!! 

And, before you go, watch our Year 6 for the final time as they throw their hats in their graduation celebration…

Finally, check out Mrs Bryant, Mrs Mason and Mrs Renyard out when they swapped their high-vis jackets for something a little different as they welcomed our Year R, 1 and Year 6 children for the last time this academic year. Don’t they look great! Yee-haw!

Have a fantastic Summer Holiday!

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