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Sports Day Special

We had a fabulous day at Sports Day! See the smiles and check out the action from the day in this week’s blog. You can also read about Year R’s Bad Tempered Ladybird, Year 1/2’s Musical Extravaganza, Year 3/4’s Coastal Erosion and Year 5/6’s Futuristic Art.

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Grrrr… !

Our Year 1/2 children had a magnificent trip to Marwell Zoo. Read all about it and check out the photos… and more from around the school!

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Budding Gardeners

Thank you to the incredible support of our PTA, and in particular, Karen Terzer, as we are making huge strides forward to improving our grounds and getting our children gardening and growing their own veg! Thanks to Karen’s inrpiration and drive we have transformed our once bare field into a a series of growing beds, garden storage and great spaces for exploring and enjoying the outdoors.

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STEM Time!

Just before our half term holiday we had a brilliant week focusing on the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). You can read all about the exciting activities across the school, including photos from Year 5/6’s trip to the Science Centre and Planetarium, right here!

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Jubilee Picnic and STEM Week

We have had a fabulous week to end our first half of the summer term. The children have been very busy being scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians as part of our STEM week. They have used their creativity to mastermind some impressive products! Yesterday, Year 5/6 visited the Science museum – which was great fun! We hope to have a report on this next week. Finally, we ended this week with a super picnic to celebrate the Queen’s forthcoming jubilee! The children looked great in their red, white and blue.

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Flower Show

This week, Year 3/4 have been on an exciting trip to Winchester Cathedral as an introduction to their new history topic on Anglo-Saxon Britain. Elsewhere in school, Year 5/6 have been designing their own mechanical toy using a CAM mechanism, Year 1/2 have been zooming in on flowers to create artwork in the style of Georgia O’Keeffe and Year R have drawn and labelled their own story maps.

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Giants are coming!

This term we have made some changes to how we plan and teach our foundation subjects. Through these changes we are hoping to better develop our children’s subject specific knowledge and, for example, their understanding of what it means to be an historian, artist or designer. You will be able to see examples of this in our blog this week: Year 3/4 have been learning about joining in their design technology lessons; and, Year 5/6 have been learning about ocean currents in their geography lessons. We believe this approach will promote many of our subjects, increase engagement and, maybe, even unlock hidden talents!

You can also read about how much our Year 1/2 children have grown and Year R’s attempt to grow a beanstalk – just like Jack from the famous traditional tale. I hope that we don’t have any giants come to visit us!

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Jamie who?

Check out our healthy culinary delights in this week’s blog! Plus, BIG flowers and Salvador Dali in our art lessons and getting outside and learning in the sunshine. The summer term is now well underway!

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