Practical Learning

In this week's blog: Joy Day, Practical Maths, Viking Artefacts, and Meteorites. We have had lots of practical learning happening across the school this week. Team 5/6 took part in a Science experiment to learn about how meteorites cause craters, whilst Team 1/2 have been using dienes blocks and cubes to partition numbers to 100. Team 3/4 have also had hands-on learning activities as they explored a box full of Viking-era artefacts. Also in the blog, Year R share how they celebrated 'Joy Day' last Friday. Keep reading to find out more...

Year R: Joy Day

Year R enjoyed celebrating Joy Day together. We watched bible stories, talked about what brings us joy, and created pictures of all these things. Our storytime session featured happy tales that brought smiles to everyone’s faces. Joy Day reminded us of the importance of happiness and spreading cheer to one another.

Team 1 / 2: Practical Maths

This week in Team 1/2 we have been enjoying some practical maths. The children have been learning all about numbers to 100 and putting their mathematical knowledge to the test. The Year 1 children have been making their numbers out of tens and ones, whilst the Year 2 children have been partitioning numbers in different ways. They have then been using their impressive skills to solve problems in challenges. Challenge your children by asking them to show you!

Team 3 / 4: Exploring Viking Artefacts

When it comes to History, there’s nothing quite like seeing artefacts up close and personal to spark curiosity and excitement. Team 3/4 were lucky enough to handle some ancient relics – from swords and shields to jewellery and tools – to help them better understand how people lived in the past, what tools they used, and how they expressed themselves through art and craft. 

Team 5 / 6: Creating Craters

Team 5/6 have been looking at craters this week: What are they? What causes them? And does their size matter? With an investigation question to prove, the children set out to see whether the size and mass of a meteorite hitting the surface of the moon made a difference to the diameter of the crater it caused. After learning about the journey from asteroid to meteoroid, and meteor to meteorite, we creatively made some of our own. Ensuring our tests were fair, we set about creating craters… 

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