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Smile… you are on camera!

Nyla rainbow

Smile… you are on camera!

As the lockdown continues, this week, it has been particularly uplifting to see many of your smiles on the other side of a camera. We hope that have enjoyed seeing us, too.

Many of you have joined our video lessons and catch-ups this week. It has been lovely to see all of your lovely smiling faces – for the first time, for most – for a few weeks now. I hope you enjoyed seeing us, too. Mr Warner led another Bake Along session on Monday and Miss Knight held a ‘show-and-tell’ session. It was also lovely to see many of you join me, Charlotte and Matilda (my children) in Hot Chocolate Thursday this morning. Thank you all for welcoming us into your homes and we hope to see you online, again, very soon.

The challenges continue…
I know that for many of you being stuck at home (and for parents and carers, keeping up with the home-schooling) is becoming increasingly challenging as time goes by. Please know that you are not alone and we understand. If you are finding anything difficult we are here for you, so please get in touch with us. If home-schooling is a challenge you might find my recent blog helpful, which you can find here. We would never want home-schooling to become something that causes stress and conflict in your homes.

For our children out there, you might also want to remind yourself about learning buttons. Can you remember what they are – and more importantly have you been using them when learning at home? Click here if you need a reminder!

Returning to school
We understand that the uncertainty of when schools will return is difficult for everyone. I can confirm that we know no more than you, but when we do will keep you informed. School leaders have, however, been assured that the government will be provide sufficient time to make plans for what could be a set of new challenges to overcome. There are many rumours and much speculation in the media of phased returns. The true meaning of this remains unclear. Whatever the circumstances, its highly likely that we will have to prepare ourselves for a ‘new normal’ where our school will not look or feel like the one we left back in March. 

I chose the image header for this blog (picture by Nyla) as it reminded me of the message of hope that the rainbow and sunshine symbolise. It also reminded me of the quote below:

"Every storm runs out of rain."

Mary Angelou

Whatever the challenges we will face, together, we can make it work for Rownhams! 

Creative Challenges
For now, here’s a small selection of our children’s response to my Creative Challenge #1. You can now find the details of Challenge #2 in all of the Google Classrooms. Enjoy!

Some children have shared their stories an poems for my Creative Challenge. Here’s a great short story from Emily… all about the fairies in her garden:

One day I was in the garden and was about to plant a seed, when I noticed a glowing, sparkly rock. I tugged on it then it eventually came out. Behind the rock was a magic, glittery fairy door then from behind the purple, wooden door sprung out an orange fairy. She had such a shock she fell over. Then she told me her name. “My name is Ruby.” said Ruby and then she turned me into a fairy. Ruby and I fluttered up to the peak of the mountain and when I got up I saw a...magical tree! Then the tree started to talk to me. It said if you unlock the padlock all the fairies will be safe, so I did what it said to do and then every fairy was happy.

Emily, Year 1/2

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