A Busy Start to the Summer Term

This week's blog in four words: writing, games, skeletons, and illustrations! This week, Year R have been working on using their 'fred sounds' to write their own 'I can see...' sentences - you can find out what they wrote below! In KS2, Team 3/4 have been using prediction and observation skills in their Science lessons to learn about the bones and joints in our hands, whilst Team 5/6 have been sharpening their retrieval skills in English, drawing detailed illustrations based on short descriptions. We also held a Family Maths Games 'Night' yesterday in Team 1/2, where the children shared the games they have been playing to practice their addition and subtraction facts within 20. You can find the games they played below, as well as on our social media pages on Instagram and Facebook (@RownhamsSchool).

Year R: Writing and Yoga!

Our Year R’s have been working very hard with their writing, using their phonics sounds to write ‘I can see’ sentences. It has been a challenging task to use our fred sounds to remember each sound, but our pupils have been applying so many skills in their writing, from finger spaces to writing on a line! 

Year R found their inner calm and focus during a session of yoga! They really enjoyed making new shapes with their bodies. As they stretched and posed they practiced their breathing techniques to keep calm and mindful. A wonderful first week back after the Easter break.

Team 1 / 2: Maths Games

This week the children have enjoyed learning and playing lots of different maths games. They have been using the games to help them practice their addition and subtraction facts within 20. They then had a great time sharing all of these games with their friends and grown ups at our Maths Games Night! It was a fantastic turn out and it was great to see how competitive all the children were!

Team 3 / 4: X-Ray Examinations

In Science, Team 3/4 have been examining their bones.  In particular, they have investigated the bones and joints in their own hands.  They started by drawing around their own hands and predicting what bones & joints are there then drawing them in the hand shape.  Then, they looked at an X-Ray of a hand and evaluated their own efforts.  The children also learnt about the three different types of joint which are: fixed, ball & socket, and hinge.  Explaining what the job of the joints are was the final task.

Team 5 / 6: Detailed Drawings

Using our tiny texts and ever advancing retrieval skills, Team 5/6 have used small snippets of description to create some amazing images of Whistletrop, the town in which our latest book is based. The challenge was to draw as detailed an image as possible based solely on the small amount of information given. The children definitely rose to the task.

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