Summer Learning

In this weeks' blog: Butterflies, Outdoor Learning, Science Workshops, and Athletics Coaching! This week in the blog, we have been enjoying the warm weather, which has enabled lots of our learning to take place outside. Year R had a hands-on experience with butterflies, releasing them out into the wild on our school field. Team 1/2 have been making the most of their outdoor area, particularly the mud kitchen! Team 3/4 we lucky to have the Mountbatten Science team visit to deliver a workshop on solids, liquids and gases - one activity took them outside making ice cream which they could enjoy in the sun! Finally, Team 5/6 had a great final PE learning outcome on the field as they took on the role of athletics coaches and delivered training to both child and adult volunteers. Keep reading to find out more about the children's learning this week...

Year R: Butterflies

Our classes had the joy of releasing butterflies, marking the end of an amazing journey watching our caterpillars transform. We observed each stage of the life cycle, from tiny caterpillars munching on leaves to their transformation into chrysalides. The anticipation built as we waited for them to emerge as beautiful butterflies (some even had names!). Watching them flutter away in our school field was a magical moment, inspiring a lasting fascination with the natural world in all of us.

Team 1 / 2: Learning Outside

This week in Team 1/2 the children have been enjoying the warmer weather and have been busy completing their learning in the outside area. The children have been practicing their measuring and capacity by making tea parties for each other in the mud kitchen, developing their problem solving skills and scientific thinking by seeing how many animals they can balance together and practicing their letter formation on the whiteboard with paint. Through all of this it has been a delight to see the happy and engaged faces of the children as they work collaboratively in all of these challenges.

Team 3 / 4: What's the Matter?

Team 3/4 were lucky enough to have some of the Mountbatten Science team to visit us to deliver an exciting workshop all about solids, liquids and gases. The afternoon began with a demonstration, where the children observed how dry ice is created, and then used to create a rocket! The children then took part in several activities which all explored the different states of matter. 

Using microscopes, the children were given different slides with liquids that created crystals due to rising temperatures. On the other side of the hall, there were lots of different substances in beakers for the children to investigate and determine what ‘state’ they were. The children were also able to visually represent the arrangement of the particles in different states using stickers. In a solid, the particles are tightly packed together, whereas in a liquid they start to become more spread apart and move with increased energy. Meanwhile, outside the hall, Team 3/4 also had a go at creating their own ice cream using cream, sugar and milkshake mix. Salt was added to a bag, then the children vigorously shook the bags which cooled the cream mixture. 

Thank you to the Mountbatten Science team for delivering such an interactive and exciting workshop!

Team 5 / 6: Kids in Charge - Athletics Afternoon

Last Wednesday, Team 5/6 turned into sports coaches and took charge of rather a warm afternoon of athletics activities. They did an amazing job coaching over 100 keen participants in a range of running, jumping and throwing games. Thank you to everybody that came and joined in, and well done to the coaches – you were amazing!

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