The Big Bang Fair

This week's blog in four words: phonics, sandwiches, coding, and rockets! Last week, Year 5 were invited to attend 'The Big Bang Fair' at Mountbatten school, where they took part in a range of activities, including rocket building, coding, and an engineering challenge. Thank you to Mountbatten for organising this fantastic event - and thank you to all the parents who were able to support us in transporting all pupils to Mountbatten. You can find lots of pictures from the event on this week's blog. Also in the blog, Team 3/4 have been developing their coding skills in their computing lessons, whilst Team 1/2 created their own healthy snacks as part of their learning in DT. Following on from last week, Year R have been carefully growing their beans and have used their Fred sounds to help them write about their progress. You can find out more about the children's learning across the school on this week's blog below, as well as our social media pages on Instagram and Facebook.

Year R: Fun with Phonics

This week, we’ve been on a thrilling phonics adventure, using our Fred sounds to write all about our amazing growing beans. With scissors in hand, we’ve been snipping away, mastering our scissor skills as we carefully cut out flowers. In our phonics sessions, we’ve been working hard on listening to the sounds in our words, and applying our new sounds to reading longer words too! Our Year R’s have enjoyed playing on the field at lunchtimes too!

Team 1 / 2: Super Sandwiches

This term in DT the children in Team 1/2 have been learning all about healthy eating and creating their own healthy snack. The children decided that they wanted to make a sandwich as their healthy snack. They carefully selected the ingredients that they wanted to add to their sandwich. The children then used a range of skills such as chopping, grating and peeling to prepare their sandwich fillings. Their end results looked delicious!

Team 3 / 4: Variables and Values

In Computing this week, Team 3/4 have been looking at variables and values when coding. We learnt that variables are like containers that hold information. This data or information is known as the values. In the ‘Hour of Code’ drawing game, the children used variables and values to draw geometric shapes. The variables were blocks called ‘sides’ or ‘length’. The values were the numbers children had to input to draw the shape to the correct measurements. This learning allowed for lots of collaborative work and debugging (correcting) the code. 

Team 5 / 6: The Big Bang Science Fair at Mountbatten

Our Year 5s had an explosive time at Mountbatten School last week, when they went to the Big Bang Science Fair. They made their own rockets which they launched across the field, as well as taking part in engineering and coding workshops. Thank you to Mountbatten School for organising the event, as well as all the parent helpers who helped to transport our Year 5’s to and from the school.

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