Our primary role is to think strategically and to support and challenge the school to ensure that children are getting the best education possible; that the school is using its resources well; and that the Christian ethos pervades the life of the school. To do this, we have different committees who cover these roles which respectively. We also have a Pay and Personnel committee. As well as these committees, we all come together every half term as a Full Governing body. We’ll tell you more about what these are all for in this and subsequent newsletters.

The committees meet regularly and in the Summer Term all the committees will be meeting at least once, with Standards and Full Governors meeting twice. By the time you’re reading this Standards, Resources, Foundation and Full Governors will have met. As well as formal meetings, we also visit the school regularly during school hours to see the school running and talk to both staff and children about specific things like Maths or Behaviour.


  • Pam Leech

Any of the governors or the clerk may be contacted through the main office.

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