Treating the World with Kindness

This week's blog in four words: potions, habitats, messages, and writing! It's been a busy first week back after half term here at Rownhams. In Team 1/2, the children have been discovering microhabitats within our grounds, and have been applying what they observed to help them create their own. Year R have also enjoyed some outside learning as they have been using natural objects to create their own potions. Meanwhile, at the other end of the school, Team 5/6 have been studying the informal writing style used in their new text in English, and have been having a go at incorporating these features into their own writing. Also in the blog, Team 3/4 have been reflecting on their RE Day that they enjoyed in the week before half-term. Read on to find out more and see photos of the children's learning in action...

Year R: Potions and Painting

As the sun has been shining, our classes have enjoyed lots of outdoor play. Some children enjoyed making potions using petals, and worked together to write recipes for their potion shop! Imaginations were soaring as they collected objects to make their potions smell beautiful! Others grabbed brushes and buckets of water, painting our fence whilst also working on their core strength.Β 

Team 1 / 2: Adventures in Microhabitats

The children in Team 1/2 recently embarked on an exciting journey into the world of habitats. They learned about various habitats like forests and oceans, and the smaller microhabitats within them and the animals that live there. Did you know that scorpions do not need to eat food for 12 months? Did you know that lizards don’t have eyelids, and have to lick their own eyes?

Equipped with the knowledge of how to explore habitats carefully (do not drop the logs back on the bugs!), they explored the school grounds, discovering hidden worlds under logs, in the grass, and around trees. Back in our outside area, the children then used natural materials to create their own microhabitats, replicating the tiny ecosystems they had observed. This hands-on exploration sparked curiosity and a deeper understanding of the natural world.

Team 3 / 4: "What kind of world did Jesus want?"

In the week before half term, Team 3/4 were delighted to welcome Theresa from Southampton City Mission to lead us in an RE Day on the theme of “What kind of world did Jesus want?”. We began in the hall to answer some true and false questions, acted out the story of The Good Samaritan, and then hot-seated the main characters. The children also enjoyed making story cubes and stained glass windows to depict parts of the story they had heard. The day was brilliant and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves taking home the message of treat others how you wish to be treated – a very important message for us all.

Team 5 / 6: Informal Writing

In Team 5/6 the children are going to be writing a diary from the viewpoint of one of the aliens from our text Mr Wuffles. They have been thinking about ways to write in an informal voice and so they have been practising writing sentences using informal vocabulary, contractions, sentence fragments, non-standard English and idioms.

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