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What does ‘Love’ look like at Rownhams?

This week we celebrated our School Value of ‘Love’. All the children took part in a range of activities that demonstrated our core value and to remind us why ‘Love’ is so important to our school. We have also had a number of project launches this week, including the visit of the Space Dome for Year 1/2 that doubled as a Dinosaur Dome for Year R in the morning.

Our News Team have the following reports on the action from this week:

Space Dome (Year 1/2)

On 25th Feb, Year 1/2 enjoyed a very special experience going inside a Space Dome which had been set up in our own school hall. Everyone spoke very enthusiastically and a sample of the comments came from Hedgehogs class: Charlie said, ” I liked it when the planets came in close, it was incredible! “

Arianna said, ” I loved it when he told us about fascinating Space and when the planets got bigger and bigger!”

Barney said, “I liked it when there was a really long speech as the dome was moving…it was so cool!”

Mr Brown said, “It was my favourite day in school- ever!”

We also thought of great questions we would like to find out during our new project. Here are a sample :

Ameerah: “What happens if the Earth stops spinning?”

Oscar: “How is a star made?”

Lucie-Rose: ” Which planet has the most moons?”

Matthew: “How did the ISS get into space?”

Isla: “Why is Mars red?”

Gideon: “What are the Planets made of?”

By Tiffany, News Team

To the Moon and Beyond!

On Wednesday, year 5/6 had an art day to introduce them to their topic, To the Moon and Beyond! They made pictures of space and the galaxy in the style of Peter Thorpe using pastels and chalk. The children felt it was a fun way to introduce their new project!

By Oskar W, News Team

'Love' Day

Love day was all about learning the true meaning of love. We spoke about love and what it really means to us and other people. Then in the afternoon years 5 and 6 made love is …, dream catchers, Years 1 and 2 made ‘love is …, posters’, Years 3 and 4 made ‘love is … book marks and bracelets’, which each bead represented something they loved, such as: a certain passion, family or friends. All this was displayed on a cork board in the hall.

By Ruby, News Team

When I asked the children in our collective worship this afternoon about what love looks at Rownhams the children responded with comments like, “It’s when you show you care about someone”, “when you help someone up when they fall over”, “when you smile at someone” and “when you say kind things to someone”.

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