Early Years

We strive to make the transition from home to school a happy and positive experience for children and parents, working together from the first point of contact.

We plan our admission arrangements carefully to include pre-school visits for individuals and groups of children. These allow children the valuable opportunity to familiarise themselves with the Early Years environment and begin to build positive relationships with each other and our staff.

Parents are invited to an informal meeting in which arrangements are presented, this includes time to discuss expectations and concerns in the first half of the summer term before children are due to start school. We arrange a time for staff to visit each new child in their home, in September. This is a very valuable time that allows all parties to get to know each other on a personal level, share information and discuss any issues or concerns relating to individuals.

Children need time to adjust to new situations and will initially attend school on a part time basis, with attendance gradually being increased to full time, by October half term.

We aim to provide a happy, friendly, secure and stimulating environment in which all children feel valued and can play and learn, develop confidence, independence and a positive attitude to learning, building on their previous experience at home and playgroup.

What children learn when they start school, depends on what they know and can do already. Therefore, early assessment is essential to enable us to plan a curriculum that will meet the needs of the individual and ensure continuity and progression.  Children in Year R begin their reading journey by following a scheme called Read Write Inc (RWInc) which helps them develop their skills of recognising and sounding out letters and then blending them to read.  This scheme, RWInc, is then followed in Year 1 and 2.

Foundation Stage Profile

Throughout the year children are observed and assessments are planned into daily activities and are related to the ‘Stepping Stones’ and ‘Early Learning Goals’ in the Curriculum guidance.

Each child will have a Profile which will be regularly updated. After half term, we provide an opportunity for parents to discuss with the teacher how your child has settled. In the summer term we meet to share the completed Profile which will form the basis for the end of year report.

The curriculum is broad, balanced and carefully planned and presented, to meet the needs of the children. It includes statutory Foundation Stage curriculum requirements, with a strong emphasis on personal and social developments, mathematics and language. It encourages parents to be actively involved in their children’s learning both in and out of school. We hope to build up a positive working relationship and establish an effective partnership from the beginning.