A Coronation Picnic

The children were all dressed in red, white and blue for our coronation picnic - and they looked fab! It was a bit wet and rainy so we moved to the hall and had fun anyway. We hope that you have a wonderful bank holiday weekend, enjoying the historic coronation celebrations.

Year R - A Very Odd Day

Year R have been learning about odd and even numbers and talking about how they can tell if a number is odd or even. It has been brilliant to hear them talking about the mental images they have of numbers to 10 which help them. For example, I know 5 is odd because I know that if I put 5 in a tens frame in pairs you have one on its own. We have been enjoying reading the book ‘The Odd Day’ and making our own odd monsters. Can you spot the odd numbers of eyes, ears, noses and other facial features?

Year 1/2 - A Spring Walk

This week we went on an exciting spring walk! In science we have been learning about plants, we went outside into the school grounds and looked at the different flowers that were in bloom for spring. The children were able to identify different wildflowers on our walk.

Year 3/4 - A Coronation Afternoon Tea

Year 3/4 were delighted to prepare a Coronation Afternoon Tea this week! This term, we had to plan and make food for a historical or cultural event and with King Charles being crowned this weekend we took the opportunity to create a British classic! The children planned their menus and then made sandwiches, scones and a layered dessert. They surprised themselves with how much they enjoyed making and eating all the food. Hopefully they will bring their new food technology skills home with them!

Year 5/6 - 'The Kingdom of God'

In RE, the children have been exploring the concept of ‘The Kingdom of God’. They thought about things that are wrong with the world and how people try to improve it. The children then learnt about how Christians think Jesus came to Earth to get people into Heaven and to make the world more like Heaven. Then they explored the Lord’s Prayer and tried to simplify the ideas in it so that Key Stage 1 children could understand the concepts.

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