To The Beach!

Year 3/4 were lucky to grab some sunshine on their geography trip to the beach at Calshot, whilst Year 1/2 had a visitor from the Sea City museum who came to talk all about the tragedy of the Titanic. Year R had a visit from Juliette our crossing patrol officer to talk about road safety and Year 5/6 have been learning about Islamic Civilisation.

Year R - An exciting visitor!

During the year, the children have been learning about different people in our local community who help us. This week, our school crossing patrol officer, Juliette, came into school to tell us all about how she helps children and adults cross the road safely.  We have also been busy planting seeds and preparing the soil in our vegetable bed for planting our seedlings later in the year.

Year 1/2 - The Titanic

This week we had Sea City Titanic museum come into our school and run a very exciting workshop! We started our day completing an obstacle course in the playground. Each child was given a 1st, 2nd or 3rd class ticket and it was a race to see who would get on the lifeboats first… 

After that Andy from Sea City spoke to us all about the Titanic. We dressed in clothes from the past, decided who should go in lifeboats, smelt things from the Titanic and looked at real artefacts! It was a fantastic day.

Year 3/4 - Trip to Calshot

Last week, year 3/4 went to Calshot marina to undertake some geography fieldwork, English reading and writing work as well as some environmental art.  


The text by Michael Morpurgo called ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ was part of our reading curriculum last term.  A significant chapter is set in the Solent as the family learn to sail a boat before setting off on a round the world adventure.  The children got to experience the exact location that the story was set; look at similar boats and learn a little about the features of sail boats and look at the interesting names.  


They wrote creatively to turn the indoor activity centre climbing wall and ski slope into settings that were part of the island in the book’s title.  The children also created their own version of Kensuke’s island on the beach.  Lots of greatest learning and fun was had on that blustery but sunny day!

Year 5/6 - Early Islamic Civilisation

In Year 5 and 6, the children have been learning about the Early Islamic Civilisation. They looked at its location, background and some of their achievements. The Year 5 children wrote about why writing became so important to them and the Year 6s wrote about why this civilisation is described as being a Golden Age when in Europe it was described as the Dark Ages. 

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