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This week, read about Year 3/4's historical cooking, how Year 1/2 have made their own dragons, Year 5/6's successful rugby festival and how Year R have been learning to measure. We also held our harvest festival online with Reverend Graeme - well done to Year 2 for their thoughtful prayers! A fun week for all to end the half term!

Year R - Who's that trip trapping over my bridge?

This week we have been learning about the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. We have enjoyed listening to lots of different versions of the story, especially one where the goats manage to get safely across the bridge by putting woolly boots on so they can’t be heard! The children have been brilliant storytellers, acting out the story in our small world and role play areas. 

We also put our measuring skills to the test when we made cakes to enjoy at home and we were so impressed with the way the children applied their learning from last week.

Year 1/2 - Clay Dragons

We are so impressed with the clay dragons which the children have designed, made and decorated.

They have also completed a range challenges in our outdoor learning areas. These challenges have encouraged the children to consolidate the learning they have completed in class the during the previous week. They have particularly enjoyed building structures, making dragon dens and creating bug hotels.

Year 3/4 - Iron Age food

Last week, year 3/4 took part in some historical cooking.  While learning about the evolution of Stone, Bronze and Iron Age tools, the children discovered that food tastes and habits changed as well.  As people became more efficient farmers, they were able to grow different crops that allowed them to make different food.  Oatcakes for example was part of an Iron Age person’s staple diet as the oats and flour were easily produced in mass quantities and the process of cooking was straightforward.  The children copied a recipe of 250g oats; 125g flour; 50g lard and some water (we did discuss that Iron Age people may not have used scales but rather a ratio of about 2:1 – we wanted the children to practice measuring while we had the chance!)  

Cheese was made by mixing some cottage cheese with warm milk; heating then straining the mixture through a muslin.  Barley tea was simply brewed by pouring warm water over barley.  During the tasting there were varied responses to their own cooking with lots of suggestions for improvements!

Year 5/6 - Tag Rugby Festival

In Years 5 and 6, the children have started learning about biology in science by looking at the circulatory system. They looked at the different parts of the circulatory system, where they are and what they do. The children have progressed onto more efficient written methods in multiplication and have applied these to problem solving and reasoning. In writing, the children have learnt how to use semi-colons and colons to separate clauses and they have applied this to writing based on the text Rooftoppers. 

Some of our Year 5 and 6 children represented the school brilliantly at Mountbatten Tag Rugby Festival. The report below was by Ida and Advik:

Tag Rugby Festival

With a squad of eleven, Y5/6 went to Mountbatten for a tag rugby festival. We did quite well, winning most of our games. Mr Brown thought our defensive tagging was amazing! There was also a timed rugby challenge which was great and we did extremely well at it. We had to sprint from hoop to hoop with a rugby ball and then run back as fast as we could.  After that, we went to the awards ceremony. There were 6 awards that got given out. All the awards were done and we were voted the Most Determined team. Will went to collect the certificate. 

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