Who’s been eating my porridge?

Year R have continued in their adventure into traditional tales, learning about the story of Goldilocks and the three bears, whilst elsewhere there's been lots of life-saving, including Year 3/4 who have been saving teacakes!

Year R - Who's been eating my porridge?

Year R have enjoyed immersing themselves into their story for the week, ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. Challenges include building a new, comfy bed for the bears, writing a letter of apology from Goldilocks to the bears and mixing brown paint to create a picture of the bears.

We have also been very busy blenders as we learn to read and write simple words. Year R, what superstars you are!

Year 1/2 -First aid superheroes!

In Year 1/2 this week we have been learning how to be superheroes! Ray from the charity Heart Start came in to tell us all how we can be superheroes, and even though we are small we can still make a big difference. We learnt how to call 999 and what to say to them if there was an emergency. We also learnt and practised what we should do if we found someone who was hurt by using the letters ‘DRS’. 

D-check for danger

R-check for a response

S-shout for help

Year 3/4 - Mission protect a teacake!

During our science project on animals, we have been looking closely at bones and skeletons.  As well as learning about how bones help support us and help us move, we have identified how and why bones protect parts of our body.  To make the learning more practical, everyone was given a chocolate teacake to protect – not from a hungry Mr Warner but from a fall to the ground.  Each group was given just 25 straws, sellotape and one teacake.  The designs were all different and used the knowledge they had gained from previous science sessions; some were more successful than others of course but that led to great discussion and learning about how effective our skeleton is.  Here are some pictures of the creation, designs and aftermath of the drop!

Year 5/6 - Learning life saving skills

It has been another exciting week of learning in Year Five and Six. The children have continued to recap the four operations and have moved onto formal methods for multiplication. In P.E they are still developing their skills in evasion games to build up their agility and awareness of space. In geography, the children have considered different viewpoints about deforestation in the Amazon. Some of the children have written speeches that they would present at the Earth Summit to convince people to reduce the amount of deforestation in the rainforest whilst also finding a balance which allows people to continue to develop and thrive in their own countries. The children have completed three first aid workshops where they have enjoyed learning important life saving skills, including how to put someone in the recovery position.

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