Saving lives, helping in the community and… Grandma’s teeth?

This week, check out our photos from responsibility day and see our values in action! We have also been learning life-saving techniques, decorating stones to share messages of encouragement and hope and learning how to recycle - plus, much more!

Year R - What big teeth you have, Grandma!

On Responsibility day, Year R thought really carefully about recycling and making sure that they are putting the right things in our rubbish and recycling bins. We have been so impressed to see the children thinking carefully about where to put their plastic milk bottle when they have finished with it! 

We have also been learning about the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. Some highlight of our week include making a new basket for Little Red Riding Hood that has a handle and will carry an apple, sorting and grouping the food in her basket and investigating which material would be best to make a new, warm cape for Little Red Riding Hood.

Year 1/2 - Responsibility Stones and Dragon Traps

Last week finished with a fantastic day celebrating our core Christian value of Responsibility. The children decorated stones to share messages of encouragement and hope.

This week we have continued to learn all about dragons. We have been checking our traps to see if we have caught any mystical creatures. There have been lots of clues suggesting they are around but they have been too speedy for us! 

Year 1/2 have made aerial view maps for their own dragon land and have written instructions on how to catch them. We have also been using our new resources outside to make bug hotels and dragon dens. 

Year 3/4 - Helping in the community

On our whole school Responsibility Day, Year 3/4 became school planners and looked into how to make the best use of our amazing school field. We considered whether the open space really is best used for children’s play and learning and for wild habitats for minibeasts. We decided that rather than extending our car park to make a drop off zone, the field is very well used as it is! Phew! 

Some of our children were also able to visit St John’s Church, Rownhams and with the help of the church were able to move pesky oregano from the Bible garden, tidy leaves from the memorial area and plant new bulbs for a new garden. The children worked hard, were very helpful and efficient and had a lot of fun giving their time to the wider community.

Year 5/6 - Learning life savings skills

It has been another wonderful week of learning in Year 5/6. The children have been continuing to recap the four operations with subtraction and in English they have been writing and identifying adverbials in a piece of text. In P.E they are still taking part in evasion games to build up their agility and awareness of space. In geography, they wrote their own blogs as they explored urbanisation and the reasons why people move to different parts of a country. In reading, the children have started to read ‘Boy Overboard’ and it has been interesting to hear the links they have made to current world events. On Thursday, the children took part in the first of three first aid workshops which aimed at helping the children to learn a new life saving skill.

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