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Voices in the park and a visit from a Dragon

This week, Year 3/4 have started a new story, Voices in the Park - another story by Anthony Brown. Year R have been learning about the story of The Three Little Pigs, Year 5/6 have started a new project on South America and Year 1/2 have had a visit from a Dragon!

Year R - The Three Little Pigs

We have been enjoying learning about the story of the Three Little Pigs. We have been really busy retelling the story, constructing new houses for the pigs and talking about how the characters feel.

Year 1/2 - A visit from a dragon!

It has been a very exciting start to the week down in Y1/2. On Tuesday we were shocked to find slimy footprints, burnt tree stumps, large shiny eggs and a large nest… After asking lots of questions we decided that we must have had a visit from a dragon! On Wednesday the plot thickened and each class received a letter from Zog asking for our help to trap one of his dragon friends. He helpfully left some handy instructions for us to follow. Zog was so impressed with our traps that he asked us to write up our own instructions in case it happens again.

Year 3/4 - The beginning of a new reading adventure!

Storytellers and story enthusiasts alike, our new book will call your attention. Our year 3/4’s have been busy reading their new book, ‘Voices in the Park,’ by Anthony Browne. Not only have they started reading a new book but they have also been writing some answers to literal questions. Our story enthusiasts will tell you that we have a lot more to do in order to further understand it, just ask them about their book from last week? How many fairy tales could they see entwined within it? I wonder what we will find in our new book adventure.

Year 5/6 - Exploring Brazil

It has been another excellent week of learning in Year five and six. The children have started their new geography project exploring Brazil and its human geography. They have already used maps to identify different landmarks and they have compared the lives of the people who live in the Favelas of Rio De Janeiro and the people who live here in Rownhams. In maths, the children have moved onto recapping the four operations focusing this week on addition. On Friday, the children celebrated Responsibility Day and took part in several activities focusing on how they can show responsibility on a global scale. In writing, the children are continuing to focus on ‘Rooftoppers’, written by the wonderful Katherine Rundell, and this week wrote letters taking on the role of the miserable and strict Miss Eliot. If you would like to explore other works by Katherine Rundell to support reading at home then ‘The Wolf Wilder’ and ‘The Good Thieves’ are both books which will excite and intrigue your children.

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