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Life in the past

Our children have had another super week. Year R have been looking for signs of Autumn, Year 1/2 have been getting to grips with the laptops, Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 have both been studying the past in their history lessons.

Year R - Nature Faces

Year R enjoyed going on a nature walk on the school field to look for signs of autumn. We talked about how trees change during this season and then collected natural materials to create our own art work. Do you like our nature faces?

Year 1/2 - Laptop Whizzes!

Year 5/6 kindly paired up with Year 1/ 2 to teach them how to log in, log off and turn the computers off properly. 

They were super helpful and patient and this week the children were able to use those skills to try and do it themselves – with only their partner and a few 5/6. A big thank you to all of those who have helped us this week! 

Year 3/4 - Investigating the past

Do you know how to order historical events on a timeline or categorise historical items? If so you have key skills needed to be a great historian just like the children in Year 3/4. This week, we have been wearing our historian hats and honing our skills in order to solve some history mysteries. We have found out how far back in history the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron age are compared to other historical events such as The Dinosaurs, The birth of Jesus and The Roman Empire in Britain. Here are pictures of the children categorising prehistoric artifacts in different ways….

How would you categorise these items? Based on material or colour, intended use or even how pointy they are?

We have also started our new Science topic on Animals and tried to identify what bones make up a skeleton. How many bones in the body can you name?

Year 5/6 - Life in Ancient Egypt

This week the children have been learning to round whole numbers to the nearest 10, 1000, 10,000, 100,000 and 1,000,000. In history, the children have explored and designed their own Ancient Egyptian home. They enjoyed seeing an Ancient Egyptian toilet and discovering that they used “fridges”. The children have also made their own ‘papyrus’ and decoded some Ancient Egyptian numbers. 

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