Be Bright, Be Seen, Be Kind and Be Internet Legends

Be Internet Legends Day

Tuesday 28th November was the annual ‘Be Internet Legends Day’ organised by Google in association with  The children in Key Stage 2 watched an interactive and exciting assembly led by some Google internet legends.  The theme of the assembly was ‘kindness’ and how to show it online.  The children were given scenarios in which a character had to act in a kind way to support themselves or someone else online.  Ideas such as telling an adult; blocking and reporting as well as using kind words were just some of the ways that were discussed.  There were also brain breaks called ‘kind time’ when everyone had to share complimentary thoughts about each other – to share the good vibes!

Some of the characters in the assembly, who won awards, were part of the Google game ‘Interland’ which is an interactive platform game designed to teach children how to act responsibly online.  The game is free and can be played on any internet enabled device – it can be found by searching ‘Interland’ or clicking the link here: 

Advice for parents from Google about internet safety and responsibility an be found here: 

The children were then asked to create a ‘kindness-gram’ in which they had to decide who to show kindness to, how they would show it and where & when.  It could be online such as sending a family member a short video of them showing off a talent or something as simple as sending someone a heart emoji out of the blue.  Some of this work can be seen on the playground, outside Mr Warner’s classroom in the display cabinet.  Here are some photos from the day…

Be Bright, Be Seen

On Friday 24th November, we all wore our bright clothes to raise awareness about the importance of being seen on our where to and for school. Thank you to Miss Adams and our Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs) for making this informative and fun!

Anti-bullying Winners

From 13th to 17th November Anti-Bullying Week took place across England, Wales and Northern Ireland with the theme, ‘Make A Noise About Bullying.’ The week was kicked off with Odd Socks Day on Monday 13th November, where adults and children wore odd socks to celebrate what makes us all unique. Throughout the week, the children discussed what bullying is and how we can stamp it out in our school by ‘making a noise’. The children also had the chance to take part in a competition to design a poster around the theme. The winner from each phase won a book as their prize. Here are the winners… !

Year R - Taking a dip into the Ocean World

This week in YR, we took a dip into the ocean world. Sea creatures that breathe air and water got their spotlight. Tiddler, the fish with a flair for adventure, taught us how to make fish tails move using split pins. Tricky, but we got the hang of it.

Cutting practice wasn’t a walk in the park. Creating tails and fins demanded some serious scissor skills, but we powered through. In maths we practiced our subtraction skills and found different ways of making numbers by combining amounts.

Year 1/2 - The Wonders of our Planet

Over the past few weeks Year 1 ⁄ 2 have embarked on an exciting journey to explore the vast wonders of our planet. Through interactive games, playful puzzles, and colorful atlases, these budding learners not only grasped the names of continents and oceans but are also developing a curiosity for geography. It’s not just about names on a map; it’s about sparking a love for adventure that will stick with them forever. Who knew geography could be this much fun?

Year 3/4 - Fraction Masters

We have been studying fractions in year 3/4 this week. We had a range of tasks to complete with a partner, using counters to help us. See if you can work out the answer to this one: Sam has some footballs. 1/3 of the footballs are equal to 4 footballs. How many does he have in total? 

Year 5/6 - Ocean Currents

In our Geography lessons, Year ⅚ have been learning about Ocean Currents – no, not dried fruit in salty water but the movement of large bodies of water across our planet! We have discovered what causes them (wind, tides, water density and the rotation of the Earth), what changes them (the shape of the ocean floor and shorelines) and why they are important for our planet (they distribute warm water and nutrients around the planet). To help us remember all this new information, we have made colorful mind maps. Some of us have also looked into how these ocean currents are collecting plastic pollution.

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