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Carols Around the Tree

With two doors open on our Advent Calendars and a fabulous Carols Around the Tree this afternoon, we can be sure that Christmas is on its way! Well done to our choir for their beautiful singing and Christmasy performance. Meanwhile, in our blog this week, you will be able to find out all about Year R’s Moving Pictures, Year 1/2's Super Sewing, Year 3/4's Mapping of the World and Year 5/6's Controlling circuits.

Year R - Moving Pictures

This term in DT, Year R have been learning about different ways to join materials and finding out how to use masking tape, sellotape, pritt stick and PVA glue. Discovering different ways to make moving pictures has been really exciting and we have all mastered using split pins and cutting a slit and using a lolly stick so that a picture can move across a background scene. Great learning, Year R.

Year 1/2 - Super Sewing

Year 1/2 have been enjoying sewing their own Christmas decorations and learning how to do a running stitch. We are so impressed with their stockings, trees and presents and know they will look amazing on your Christmas tree. A huge thank you to all of the people who came into help the children.

Year 3/4 - Mapping the World

Year 3 and 4 have been stretching their Geography knowledge this term and have learned all about ‘mapping the world’. We have learned about the different tropics (Cancer and Capricorn), the equator, the Northern and Southern Hemisphere and started to think about why climates might be as they are in different parts of the world.


As well as this, we have learned about landmarks of Europe, including rivers and mountains. This week, we used atlases to locate 6 of the major mountain ranges in Europe and then plotted them on our own map.

Year 5/6 - Controlling Electrical Circuits

In Year 5/6 this week, we have begun our ‘controlling electrical circuits’ unit in science and spent some time revising components of circuits and drawing circuit diagrams accurately. The children then made simple series and parallel circuits and discussed the difference between them. 

We were also challenged to threading needles… and then making a small cushion with a design on. The children used a running stitch and blanket stitch to join their 2 parts together. The outcomes were fantastic!

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