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Celebration Time

It was fantastic seeing everyone together in our first Virtual Celebration Assembly this week. Seeing everyone in 'one-space' even though it was online was very special, especially being able to hear about all the different things that are going on around the school. It was a refreshing change when we have all been restricted to our little bubbles or at home away from our friends. Our teachers have been busy this week putting the finishing touches to end of year reports and class lists ready for release next week!

This week we held our first Celebration Assembly online. We had a few technical problems (as expected) but it was lovely for everyone to get-together even if it was in the virtual world. We are hoping to do this again at the same time next week (Thursday at 2pm) so look out for your invite in the Google Classroom.

Painted Clay Giant Masks

Year 1 have continued their learning on fairy tales this week and in their art lesson they have created giant masks from clay – very scary! I have also been lucky enough to read lots of their fabulous writing and giving out several of my special Headteacher Award stickers. Mrs Tongs: we’d better start preparing an order for more stickers – quick!

Key Workers

This week the key worker groups have been writing their own books!  Firstly they used an online story generator to create a fairy tale that could be edited and improved.  The website asked them to put in some information such as names and relationships between characters and other nouns that would appear in the story.  When this was completed, the website produced a story which was then printed so the children could adapt and improve the story to their own liking.  Each child then made a book of their own fairy which they designed and illustrated beautifully. 

As well as this, they took part in a paper aeroplane distance challenge; some of which flew over 20 metres (wind assisted)!  Each child also made a chalk sundial on the playground using a clock face, a pen and the sun which made a timely appearance on Friday (great timing!). 

Year R

This week in YR we have been investigating and ordering numbers up to 20 in maths. We have made posters and used drawings, Numicon, number cards and more! We have also been practising hard for our mini-sports day next week – we are now primed and ready to go. We have written letters to our fairy visitors to check that they have received the books we made them last week, explaining that the insects are not, in fact, monsters! We have also been making some spider art and decorating them with lots of lovely shoes.

Year 6 - filming has started

Year 6 have started filming their ‘epic’ production adaptation of the Lion King. The children have been amazing, professional and very confident so we have some very proud teachers. Check out the photos below…

Home Learning

This week Year 3 and 4 were tasked with researching a key event in Southampton history, finding out about it and responding creatively.  One of the fiction reading challenges this week was in response to an ebook we have been reading “Coles Kingdom”. The children had to draw a character from the story and find evidence from the text to support what we know about him.
Rebecca made a fantastic video about the plague in Southampton- well done Rebecca! Thomas researched and wrote a fact page about the Titanic and Daniel produced a PowerPoint presentation on Saturn and Titan (one of his facts slides is captured here for you to see). Ben created his own project about healthy eating and learned how to cook his own healthy chilli-con-carne. 

More staff updates

I am very pleased to announce that Miss Knight and Miss Ramsdale will step up in the new term to take on acting leadership roles. They will share Mrs Hannam’s previous responsibilities as she steps up to acting Deputy Headteacher in the absence of Mrs Phillips.

That means our leadership team for the Autumn term will be:

Mr Woodford- Headteacher
Mrs Hannam – Acting Deputy Headteacher
Miss Hamilton – KS2 Team Leader
Miss Knight – KS1 Team Leader
Miss Ramsdale – EYFS Team Leader

Last week I also introduced Mr Charlie Abbott who is our new Site Manager. He started this week so you may have seen him around the school grounds. I have included a photo so you can put a name to the face when you see him. Mr Abbott has recently returned from travelling the world – just before lockdown, luckily, so it’s a picture of him enjoying his time in Hong Kong.

Gifts for Staff

Sometimes parents and carers like to give end of term gifts to our staff as a way of saying thank you. Some of you have been asking if this is still okay in the current circumstances.

We have agreed in school that it is safe to do so but we ask that they are easy to clean (for example, try to avoid cloth or material gifts) or open food (for example, food should be sealed in a wrapper). 

Of course, we do not expect gifts and a simple said ‘thank you’ is more than enough to make us feel valued.


Finally, a reminder for all parents and carers that the following days are INSET Days:

Tuesday 21st July
Wednesday 22nd July
Thursday 3rd September
Friday 4th September

This means school resumes for all in children in Year 1 to 6 on Monday 7th September. Our new intake Year R children have a different plan, which was outlined in their welcome pack.

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