Egg drop

This week we have witnessed the miracle of new life as our visiting chicks were born - some in front of our very eyes! Yesterday, we were glued to the incubating chamber as one of our feathered friends pushed his way out into the real world. The first thing he saw? A gaggle of children, LSAs and teachers (and Headteacher!) glued to the unfolding event. Don’t worry, we didn’t drop any of the ‘visiting’ eggs but you can read about Year 1/2’s science experiment in this week’s blog.

Year R - Animals in Spring time

Year R have been continuing their learning about how the natural world changes during spring time. This week, we have been learning about animals which are born during the season of spring. We have been looking closely at frogspawn, visiting our eggs each day and watching them become chicks and learning the names of farm animals, their offspring and where they live.

Year 1/2 - Egg Drop

We have had so much fun in Year 1 and 2 this week. We have been helping Farmer Emily with an egg carrier design. Hers needed some improvement as all the eggs were broken in our outdoor learning area! We have been exploring which materials would best protect our eggs when dropped from a great height. Our ideas have been amazing, we have created hot air balloons and planes. We tested our designs, you could hear the successful cheers for miles, most of the eggs made it! 

On another note…

We had some special eggs delivered and are observing the changes every day. We love our new fluffy visitors!

Year 3/4 - Learning about Uganda

As part of our topic on the Continent of Africa, we have zoomed in to look in more detail at one of the 54 countries of this, the world’s second largest continent by population, Uganda. We are very excited to be learning about life in Uganda where our partner school (Marumba Valley Primary) is located. We have seen and discussed photos of Miss Pascall teaching there! 

To help us learn more about the environment of Uganda we have explored some Ugandan Art, which is used to portray the indigenous environment and gives us clues as to life in Uganda.

In 1907, Picasso based ‘Three figures under a tree’ on the Ugandan sculpture ‘The Mask of Gabon’ so we have used our new understanding of Ugandan ceramic art to create a British ceramic design that reflects life in the U.K. 

Here we are with our ceramic plate designs
– Can you see both Uganda and the U.K represented in our art work?

Year 5/6 - Dissolving Skittles

After a lovely break, we were happy to welcome back a freshly rejuvenated year group. In maths, the Year Five group ordered, compared and rounded decimals with two decimals places. The Year five /six maths groups explored sequences and function machines. In writing, the children began to explore the features of a tourist brochure and began to plan their own brochure Wolf Brother. World Book Day was a resounding success and it was great to see all the different costumes of the children’s favourite books. In class, the children created their own book cover for Wolf Brother and wrote a review for their favourite book. In science, the children investigated what happens when you dissolve skittles in water and they were amazed to see how different patterns can be created.

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