Sports Day 2023

Last week, Team Rownhams donned their PE kits for a wonderful Sports Day. With the PBED teachers and amazing sports ambassadors from Mountbatten school, the children engaged in field based events such as long jump, triple jump, chest throw and vortex launching. Every child enjoyed competing in each event for their team. We ended the day with races on the track cheered on by their fellow competitors. It was brilliant to see many parents and carers there to support the children. In school this week, Year R were excited to release their butterflies, Year 1/2 were finding out how animals use their senses for survival and Year 5/6 have been learning about the geography of North America. We are also pleased to share photos of Aspen and Hazel class on their residential trip to Minstead.

Year R - Releasing Our Butterflies

We were very excited to release our butterflies this week. It has been fun watching our caterpillars grow. We have learned all about how they grow and know all about their lifecycle. We even found some eggs in our outdoor area and used our magnifying glasses to look closely at them!

Year 1/2 - Senses for Survival

This week in year 1/2 the children were focusing on the five senses in science and how animals use these for survival. We went outside and used our own senses to complete a scavenger hunt. This included listening out for animal sounds, finding something patterned, finding a scent you like and feeling something prickly or bumpy. The children quickly became experts at using their senses!

Year 3/4 - Aspen and Hazel at Minstead!

Aspen and Hazel classes thoroughly enjoyed their time at Minstead! On our long walk through the New Forest, we encountered many different animals and plants – our favourites were the ponies with their foals. We learned lots about different habitats that can be found in the forest and it was particularly interesting to hunt for the wildlife that we each had on our Minstead name badge. 


We loved shelter building in the forest and learned that working together as a team is definitely the best way to get shelters made! Once constructed they were a great place for a drink and a snack!


Another highlight was stream dipping and pond dipping and it was so exciting to see what we caught! We found a huge variety of life and one group proudly found 23 Water boatmen. Aspen were even interrupted at one point by a pony and her foal who came down to the stream for a drink!


Orienteering around the Minstead site was hugely popular. Using maps, we worked hard to hunt for letters to complete a challenge. Back at school, we used the letters to complete a crossword puzzle.


We had an amazing time at Minstead and we all tried something new, whether that was the food we ate or the activities that we did. All the staff were extremely proud of us! A big thank you to Miss Reis, Mrs Mason, Miss Turner, Mrs Hoggarth, Mrs Renyard, Mrs Phelps, Mr Warner and Mrs Brown who all gave up their time to be with us at various points throughout the trip.

Year 5/6 - Geography of North America

In geography, the children have been looking at the human geography of North America, focussing on population, human features and major cities.They looked at photos of cities and then produced graphs to compare their populations.

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