Double trip trouble

After all the residentials it was the lower schools turn to take on some trips. Year 1/2 had a very special time at Hilliers learning all about wildlife and Year R visited Testwood Lakes to get stuck into some pond dipping and mini-beast hunting. This week we also had a brilliant sports day but you'll have to wait until next for those photos!

Year R - Trip to Testwood Lakes

Year R enjoyed going on their very first school trip on Tuesday and had the most amazing time! Highlights include spending time in the forest, pond dipping and hunting for minibeasts.

Year 1/2 - Trip to Hilliers

This week Year ½ went on the most exciting trip to Hillier gardens! Everyone had a fantastic time as they tried out their leaf matching skills, shook some giant bamboo plants and went pond dipping! The children even got to try their best at butterfly catching in the afternoon and were very successful with lots of butterflies and grasshoppers being caught. We all had an incredible day!

Year 3/4 - Inspired to Write

The Royal Rabbits of London have captured our attention in our writing lessons this week in Year ¾. Here we are trying to ascertain the storyline by matching and ordering picture and sentence clues. We can’t wait to find out more about Shylo and Horatio and how they might help The Royal Rabbits uncover a plot by the Ratzis to cause trouble at Buckingham Palace! What can a feeble rabbit like Shylo do to help? We are certainly inspired to write!

Year 5/6 - Exploring Volume

Year 5 have been using cubic units to create shapes with different volumes. Using the dimensions of length, width, height, how many different shapes can you find with a volume of 18cm³?

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