A Rowan Tree for Rowan Class

Now all three Year 3/4 classes have completed their trip to Minstead. They had a wonderful time! Rowan Class even brought back a Rowan tree. See more photos in this week's blog, plus you can also read about Year 1/2's learning on Australia, Year R’s work on the Hungry Caterpillar and see some Surrealist art by Year 5/6. More pics from Minstead to follow next week, too!

Year R - Very Hungry Caterpillars

Over the last couple of weeks, Year R have been enjoying caring for their own caterpillars and watching them grow and change. We have been measuring them each day and talking about what we notice. The caterpillars have all gone into cocoons and we are excited for the day they will emerge as beautiful butterflies like in our core book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Year 1/2 - Learning about Australia

In Geography, the children have been discovering all sort of things about Australia. They will wow you with their facts about the country and how it is similar and different to Rownhams. They were very impressed that it is the largest island in the world (if you don’t include Greenland). This week they have been learning about the Aboriginal people that first lived in Australia and their culture. Take a look at how the children chose to share their learning. Their artwork and dances were amazing!

Year 3/4 - A Rowan Tree for Rowan Class

The staff at Minstead were kind enough to give Rowan class a rowan tree that had been dug up for the grounds of Minstead.  On the day we returned to school, we had a little ceremony and planted it in the school grounds.  We all took turns to cover it with a little soil and say a few words.  This was a lovely way to round off the trip and have a little piece of the experience always with us at school.

Year 5/6 - Surrealist Art

This week in art, Years 5 and 6 have been looking at the work of surrealist Salvador Dali. The children have picked apart some pieces of his artwork and discovered the mixed and varied range of images that are layered together. We talked about the symbolism of different aspects,  such as melting clocks and long limbs, to decipher what it could mean and then had a go at our own surreal designs.

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