Flower Show

This week, Year 3/4 have been on an exciting trip to Winchester Cathedral as an introduction to their new history topic on Anglo-Saxon Britain. Elsewhere in school, Year 5/6 have been designing their own mechanical toy using a CAM mechanism, Year 1/2 have been zooming in on flowers to create artwork in the style of Georgia O'Keeffe and Year R have drawn and labelled their own story maps.

Year R - Jack and the Beanstalk

Year R have enjoyed watching their beans growing this week and have been carefully watering them and talking about the changes that they can see.


We have also drawn and labelled story maps and I’m sure you will agree, the children are becoming really brilliant writers. It is fantastic to see them applying their phonic knowledge and skills and trying really hard to form their letters correctly. We are really proud of you all.

Year 1/2 - Budding artists

Year 1/2 have finished our work on Georgia O’ Keeffe.  They have used magnifying glasses and really zoomed in on the flowers!  We have also stylised and simplified flowers to make a printing block to do a repeated pattern. Many children also made a flower out of clay.  We were delighted with their efforts and creativity!

Year 3/4 - Trip to Winchester Cathedral

This week, year 3/4 went on an exciting trip to Winchester Cathedral as an introduction to our new topic on Anglo-Saxon Britain.  The trip was a fantastic mix of three wonderful activities.  Each class rotated around each activity.  


Walking through the beautiful city of Winchester was one of the activities.  We started at the top of the high street under the West Gate, one of five ancient entrances to the city.  While there, we learnt that the highstreet itself has been used by travellers for 4,000 years!  We looked closely at the gate itself and learnt about how the city could be defended from attack using the deadly but clever design features – you may be able to see the holes at the top of the gate where boiling oil was poured to prevent people approaching and narrow windows that flaming arrows were able to be shot from.  As we walked down the highstreet, through the city and round the river, our guides pointed out lots of features of the city from many different time periods proving just how important the city is to British history.


Another activity was the ornate painting of Anglo-Saxon letters.  We were told that certain colours and paints were very expensive, so to show how powerful and wealthy a person or place was they would have books commissioned to be styled in the most expensive way.  The children also made miniature Anglo-Saxon shields with tin foil by imprinting the design on card which became embossed on the foil underneath.


The third activity was a guided tour through the magnificent cathedral.  Each group had different guides so we all had different experiences and told many different stories and legends that are entwined in the very fabric of the building itself.  From going into the crypt to seeing the ‘boxes’ that contained the bones of previous kings and queens, the cathedral is a ‘one stop shop’ for the history of Britain.


The children all had a wonderful day and were a pleasure to take on a trip.

Year 5/6 - Absolute super stars!

It has been a busy week in Year 5/6 . Firstly, congratulations to the Year Six children for completing their SAT’s. Everyone was really proud of how hard they worked and how they supported each other. Also, a big thank you to Year 5 who were very understanding in being moved around the school during each test. Across the week, each year group took part in swimming lessons which they all really enjoyed. The children have started their DT project and have designed their own mechanical toy using a CAM mechanism.

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