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Jubilee Picnic and STEM Week

We have had a fabulous week to end our first half of the summer term. The children have been very busy being scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians as part of our STEM week. They have used their creativity to mastermind some impressive products! Yesterday, Year 5/6 visited the Science museum - which was great fun! We hope to have a report on this next week. Finally, we ended this week with a super picnic to celebrate the Queen’s forthcoming jubilee! The children looked great in their red, white and blue.

A Jubilee Picnic

To end our half term we had a fabulous picnic to celebrate the Queen’s forthcoming Jubliee. Here’s a few pics from the event…

Up, up and away!

Year R enjoyed a day of being engineers when they were challenged to make a hot air balloon! We loved hearing the children talking about their plans and adapting their ideas as they encountered difficulties during the making process. As one child explained, “I’m thinking like an engineer because my basket tipped over so I fixed it by making the strings the right length. Now the people don’t fall out.”

Year 1/2 - Forest School

This week in Year 1/2 we have been exploring in our new forest school area. The children have been using natural resources to support their Maths and have been measuring objects outside. Year 1/2 have also sung, put on a talent show and had hot chocolate and marshmallows. They said it is the best week ever!

Year 3/4 - Bridge Construction in Progress

Continuing our D.T. project on frame structures, Year 3/4 have begun constructing some wooden triangles with joins for support. They carefully measured and cut lengths of square wood to the correct dimensions. After half term, major bridge constructions will take place across the year group in earnest! We have discovered some budding craftsmen and engineers! In addition, the children have tested out the features of the tool TinkerCAD, to create 3D design models of bridges. We had a lot of fun experimenting with its capabilities – as you can see from our photos!

Year 5/6 - Our Solar System

The children have had another excellent week at school. The Year 5/6 maths groups compiled data and created scatter graphs to represent the data. The Year 5 maths group subtracted fractions and mixed numbers. In science, the children began their new Space Unit and created diagrams of our solar system. In History, the children researched the different ways in which Early Ismalic Civilisation made advances in medicine, engineering and science. In writing, the children started reading Macbeth and wrote their persuasive speeches to either imprison or release the traitorous king.

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