STEM Time!

Just before our half term holiday we had a brilliant week focusing on the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). You can read all about the exciting activities across the school, including photos from Year 5/6's trip to the Science Centre and Planetarium, right here!

Year R - Investigating Movement

Year R have had an absolutely brilliant time exploring and investigating movement as part of our whole school STEM week. Highlights of our learning include investigating how far different toy cars travel down the slide, finding out which surface scooter boards move the most easily on and comparing the distance tyres roll with a big and small push.

Year 1/2 - Waterproof Boats

Year 1/2 had a brilliant STEM week. They have been engineers, mathematicians, scientists and computer whizzes. The children have investigated if a car travelled further if you used an elastic band to launch it, taken part in a ‘maths sports day’, programed blue bots to travel around their map and created water proof boats.   Here are a selection of photos to see what the children have been up to:

Year 3/4 - Perfect Parachutes

During STEM week, Year 3/4 all became engineers, scientists, computer programmers & mathematicians focusing on movement.  As part of becoming an engineer for the day, the children all designed paper aeroplanes and measured which design flew the furthest.  While being scientists the children were challenged to test different types of parachute – they tested different sizes, shapes and materials to see which was the most successful at slowing the rate of descent.  During the computing day, children used Sam Labs to create a remote controlled car with LearnPads acting as the remote and Blue-bots which used bluetooth technology to control the bugs.  For the maths day, everyone became expert treasure hunters searching for coordinates on cones which gave them a letter.  They then used the coordinates and letters to create secret messages.  The children also explored angles around the school using right angle measurers.  STEM was a great success and a wonderful way to explore these subjects in further detail.

Year 5/6 - Trip to the Winchester Science Centre

This week the children took part in STEM Week. On Engineering Day the children designed and made cars that moved using a propeller. On Science Day the children explored how the distance a toy car travels from a jump changed as the angle of descent changed. On Technology Day the children used Scratch to design and programme their own race track game. 

The children built on their science topic of space when they visited Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium. 

In English, children have enjoyed reading about William Shakespeare’s famous play, Macbeth. They wrote newspaper reports about the crimes committed by Macbeth and wrote narratives from the viewpoint of a soldier fighting against him.

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