Budding Gardeners

Thank you to the incredible support of our PTA, and in particular, Karen Terzer, as we are making huge strides forward to improving our grounds and getting our children gardening and growing their own veg! Thanks to Karen's inrpiration and drive we have transformed our once bare field into a a series of growing beds, garden storage and great spaces for exploring and enjoying the outdoors.

Year R - Budding Gardeners

Over the past few weeks, Year R have been carefully looking after the seeds that they planted in the Spring. This week we were all very excited to plant our vegetables in our raised bed so that they can carry on growing. We will make sure that we carry on watering our plants each day so that we can soon enjoy tasting some of our produce.

Year 1/2 - Marvellous Maths

This week, the year 2 children have been working really hard during their Maths lessons to develop their measuring skills. The children loved weighing different classroom objects using the balancing scales and were amazed as to how heavy a 1 kilogram weight is! As well as measuring weight, the children have used a range of beakers to measure capacity and had great fun filling them with water and rice although a lot ended up on the floor which Miss Knight then had to hoover up! 

Year 1 have thoroughly enjoyed working practically with playdough and multi-link cubes to find out about halves and quarters. They then applied this understanding to fraction problems!

Year 3/4 - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Year 3/4 are currently following a story of magic, romance and comedy set in Athens, Greece during the12th Century. It is classic literature by William Shakespeare. We have had a lot of fun untangling the tale of the characters in A Midsummer Night’s Dream! 


To continue with classic works, in our art lessons we have been exploring the work of famous French artists Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Claude Monet. We have seen how they created impressionist paintings around a focal point in the same way that we might capture a beautiful picture with our cameras.

Year 5/6 - Inspired by meeting an author

The children had a great first week back after half term, meeting the author Bev Smith who wrote the text we are using in reading: #GalaxyGirl. Bev talked about how she develops characters and the children had a go at inventing their own characters too. In writing, the children used the story of Macbeth to create travel brochures to persuade the reader to visit Dunsinane Castle. They also wrote a narrative from the perspective of one of a soldier. The Year 6s have continued to explore data using line graphs in maths and the Year 5s recapped arithmetic skills. In art, the children began their unit on Futurism, creating movement and cubism in their sketches. They produced a vehicle and used lines and colours to show speed. In science, the children continued to explore our solar system. It was exciting getting all the children onto the field to estimate the scaled distances between each planet.

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