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Grrrr… !

Our Year 1/2 children had a magnificent trip to Marwell Zoo. Read all about it and check out the photos... and more from around the school!

Magnificent Marwell

Year 1/2 had a fantastic trip to the zoo and enjoyed finding out about different types of animals. Our favourites were the Red Pandas, Tigers and Miss Ramsdale’s favourites… the Penguins! We identified where in the world the animals lived, whether they were reptiles or mammals and even sketched our favourite zoo friends. The highlight of the day was identifying the animals based on their ‘bottoms’. Our teachers were really impressed with how we demonstrated our school values whilst on the trip. A great day had by all!

Glorious Gardening and Sunny Scarecrows!

Year 3/4 have been planting seeds this week – beans, lettuce, tomatoes… so many wonderful things to look forward to watching grow! We made sure that we prepared the soil in the bed before we made small holes to plant the seeds in. To keep the birds away from our plants, we have made some scarecrows! Clothes were stuffed, strings were tied, heads were made and our scarecrows were erected. Now to see what grows!

Double, double toil and trouble

Year 5/6 managed to get a lot of work complete, despite the sweltering heat this week. We brought our Macbeth topic to a head with a diary entry written from Macbeth’s point of view as he is about to take part in his final battle. We also designed new front covers for the story, which looked amazing- scary, but amazing!


We have started a new project in Year 6 maths where we are looking into our future careers and what that will afford us. We have to decide on what our jobs may be and how much we will earn (after tax, bills, mortgage etc). It has been a shocking look into adulthood. Year 5 have started looking into the language of turns and angles. Please feel free to test your children on their left and right, clockwise and anti-clockwise and the angles of their turns!


In PE, we have continued with our Run, Jump, Throw activities – learning to triple jump, throw a javelin and we even put our reaction times to the test with ‘silly start’ races. 


The school play, Pirates of the Curry Bean, is being heave-ho’d into action with daily rehearsals.

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