Fun at the Farm

Year R have had a wonderful trip to Longdown Farm, Year 1/2 have created fantastic Rainforest Art, Year 3/4 have been doing the sack race and Year 5/6 have been learning about transitions through the story of Joseph and his Technicolour Coat. And today, all of our children met their new teachers!

In September we will have no less than 3 new teachers join the team! We will welcome Miss Lindsay Hoyle as our new Year 5/6 Phase Leader,  Mr William Ewens who will also be in Year 5/6 and Miss Charlotte Pascal who will be teaching in Year 3/4. Miss Pascal couldn’t be in here in person but was able to join us via the magic of technology! It was a lovely to see all the children so excited to meet their new teachers!

Inclusion Day

Last week, Mr Brown and PBEd organised a fabulous ‘Inclusion Day’ – a day full of fun and physical activity. Thank you to everyone involved as the children and staff had so much fun, whilst staying fit and healthy at the same time!

Year R - Fun at the Farm

We had the most amazing day in Year R last week, we went to Longdown! Year R spent the day collecting eggs for ‘Farmer Bob’, stroking chicks and guinea pigs, feeding goats and we enjoyed a tractor ride across the farm. For a lot of us it was our first time on a coach and it was certainly a highlight. We also had great fun on the play equipment after lunch, our teachers were impressed with our trampoline skills. We are so proud of Year R, we showed members of the public just how great our school was. The children were a credit to us and you.

Year 1/2 - Rainforest Art

Well this has been another fantastic week in Year One and Two! This week we drew pictures of rainforests and we have been learning to use descriptive words to describe the jungle and rainforest. In independent learning time, we have been planting beanstalks and comparing them to the cress seeds that we planted last week!

Year 3/4 - Sports Afternoon

Year 3/4 had the most wonderful afternoon taking part in our Sports Afternoon. The children enjoyed sack races, relays, balancing games and a long jump caterpillar relay. We were so impressed with the way the children demonstrated our school values in the way they supported and encouraged each other. A big thank you to Mr Brown for organising this.

Year 5/6 - A visit from Southampton City Mission

Southampton City Mission came in to visit our year 6 children to talk about transitions.  With a focus on big changes that happen in our lives, the children were able to discuss their worries and reflect on their successes in primary school through the story of Joseph and his Technicolour Coat.

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