We are so Proud of you all!

Summer is here and what a year it has been - full of ups and downs but we believe we have come through stronger. We have built even stronger relationships with our community despite not being physically together and while, understandably, it is still an anxious time, it is also a time for hope. We can't wait to get back to what we do best and remember that 'every storm runs out of rain'. We are so proud to be part of Team Rownhams!


Should we be doing homework in the summer? Keeping children engaged in learning doesn’t need to be sat at a desk, and in fact, the summer term is a great time to bring learning to life with real-life situations.

Reading is the most important activity to do with your child – or for them to do independently, if they are old enough. But, make reading fun and enjoy a book just because! It is really valuable for your child to see you enjoying a book, too.  

You can bring life to maths in everyday situations, such as, talking about money and the value of things, the temperature, the time of day and even bus and train timetables! Of course, you can bring all subjects to life by visiting historical places, travelling to somewhere new and looking at maps and globes, learning about the world, copying famous artists or visiting an art gallery. 

Some of the best learning opportunities are when you don’t realise its happening. Whatever you do, make it fun and help them to enjoy the freedom the summer holiday can bring.

Year R - Teddy Bear's Picnic

Year R have been really enjoying their last week together. We have been cooling down in our water tuff tray and keeping cool under the trees in the shade. The classes were super excited to let our butterflies free last week and loved being able to observe them closely, and watch them flutter away. 

We ended our school year with our Teddy’s Bear picnic. It was lovely to sit together and reflect on the fond memories of their first year in school. Each child loved hearing their individual successes and being presented with a personalised certificate. The bears enjoyed their day at school too. The firm favourite being Simon the bear- who was nearly as tall as Miss Adams! 

We have had a brilliant year with our Geckos and Reindeers and are so incredibly proud of their learning journey and huge successes. We feel so honoured to have had such a wonderful cohort and will miss them alot. They have enjoyed transition and are all ready to now embark on their new journey into year 1 (Wow how are they there already!). 

A massive thank-you again to all the parents and people at home who have gone above and beyond and have been a fantastic support and brilliant partnership to their child’s first school year.

Year 1/2 - Enjoying Nature

Year 1 and 2 have had yet another lovely week! This week we have been investigating what happens when a large piece of wood is left on the field awhile! The children were so excited to find all sorts of bugs, including worms and woodlice. 

In Art, we have looked at the artist Andy Goldworthy and made natural sculptures outside.

What a year this has been! All the teachers are so proud of their children and how grown up they seem to be all of a sudden! We are really going to miss all their lovely faces this summer.

Year 3/4 - We're so proud of you all!

This week, year 3/4 have been busy snow leopards, bears and wolves as usual.  We have been either writing letters in role trying to persuade a firework maker to take us on as apprentices.  Building remote controlled cars and racing them around obstacle courses or building a firework display box.  

Towards the end of the week the classes have been working hard to get the rooms ready for next year – much fun was had (safely) pulling down large sheets of backing paper and sorting old learning journals, libraries and displayed artwork.  

All the year 3/4 phase team would like to say a massive thank you for all the support families across the phase have given us this year – teaching and learning is always a team effort and despite the unprecedented circumstances the children have ‘done themselves proud’ consistently through the year.  Thanks again and have a lovely summer.  

Year 5/6 - A Tale as Old as Time

Last week, we recorded our school play. It was a challenge to learn all the lines, the dances, the songs and get camera ready but as usual, the children were up to the task and pulled it off!

I’m sure you’ll agree, they’ve done a great job.  You can enjoy the full featured production by clicking here.

But for now, here’s some photos…


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