Inclusion Day 2023

It seems like an age ago now but we had such a blast on our Inclusion Day. This week in the blog you can reminisce on all the fun and enjoy the many cheeky smiles and cheesy grins as the children took part in a wide variety of physical activities - all in the beautiful sunshine of an early autumn day. Also, this week, Team R have been learning about the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Team 1/2 have been coding with Kodable, Team 3/4 have been getting busy with particle theory and Team 5/6 have been doing science with skittles. Did you make the blog this week? Read more to find out!

Inclusion Day

We had a blast on our Inclusion Day! Big thanks to Personal Best Education for making this happen and we can’t wait until the next one! Check out the photos from all the fun below.

Year R - Goldilocks and the Three Bears

This week in YR, we have been learning about the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  We have investigated which materials are hard and soft, made beds and chairs for the bears, compared the sizes of objects and thought about the feelings of the characters. Our new vocabulary includes words such as slumber and demolish which we have enjoyed the children hearing using in their own retellings.  In Maths we have been sorting objects such as shapes, animals and buttons according to colour, shape or number of legs. 

Year 1/2 - Computer Coding

This term in computing the children have been learning to design their own avatar on Kodable. The children have been using their coding skills to write their own code and debug it when needed. The children were very excited to be able to change its appearance.

Year 3/4 - Particle Theory

The children in year 3/4  have become scientists this week, learning all about particle theory.  They learnt that everything that exists is made of particles and these particles come in three states: solids, liquids and gasses.  To help them understand the arrangement of particles we went outside the classroom to act out how particles behave.  

Back in the classroom, the children had to decide from a list of everyday objects which were solids, liquids or gasses. How many would you get correct?

Year 5/6 - Science with Skittles

In Year 5/6, children have been looking at substances and mixtures and begun investigating different methods of separating mixtures. A crowd favourite when looking at dissolving is to use warm water to separate the sugar coating from Skittles (the food colouring is a perfect way to see the sugar dissolve and separate from the rest of the skittle). It looks fabulous and works really well in helping us to learn some scientific information! A couple of children kindly experimented with sSkittles and ice-cream at home to see if they could use the ice-cream to dissolve the sugar… They recommend it!

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