Vegetable Soup

Team R - Little Red Riding Hood

This week we have been using the stories of The Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood in our learning.  We tasted porridge with three different additions.  Honey was the favourite and Marmite the least popular.  We used a class pictogram to help us collect the data and work out which flavour was most popular.  In Art, we have been continuing our portrait work, making clay faces.  We have been challenged to make baskets for Little Red Riding Hood and have sequenced pictures from the Little Red Riding Hood story. We have been using our senses to make art work with natural materials and have had flowers, oranges and lemons to create playdough pizza and make our water smell nice.

Team 1/2 - What does God look like?

This week in RE, Team 1/2 have been thinking about what God looks like to them and others. After looking at some examples of what other people believe God to look like the year 1 children painted their ideas of God. The year 2 children sorted different representations of God into what they believe him to look like and what they do not. We had great fun bringing our thoughts to life!

Team 3/4 - Making Vegetable Soup

This week in DT, Team 3/4 were soup tasting as part of our project on seasonal hot food.  As well as tasting three varieties of soup (all delicious) the children were sniffing and tasting various types of seasoning that can be added to flavour veggie soups.  Everyone then gently handled, sniffed and identified a range of seasonal vegetables that could be added to make a healthy homemade soup.  The final task was to design their own soup using some of the ingredients they had discovered in the first session.

Team 5/6 - Writing Voice Overs

In writing, Years 5 and 6 have been learning how to write a powerful voice-over for a short video for an alien planet, inspired by the fictional world of Pandora. They explored some new vocabulary and practised writing lists before designing and writing about their own alien planets. 

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