Jamie who?

Check out our healthy culinary delights in this week's blog! Plus, BIG flowers and Salvador Dali in our art lessons and getting outside and learning in the sunshine. The summer term is now well underway!

Year R - Learning Outside

Year R have all been enjoying spending lots of time learning outside this week. Just a few highlights include making their own meals in the mud kitchen, building different structures using a range of materials, exploring capacity with coloured water and writing with chalk.

Year 1/2 - Studying Georgia O'Keeffee

Year 1/2 have been looking at the artist called Georgia O’Keeffe who was an artist best known for her paintings of flowers. Her work was a combination of abstract and real. The most striking feature is the size of the flowers- so we drew big flowers in charcoal and we also played with another technique -painting onto wet paper so the paint bled. We can’t wait to do our big flower pictures using pastels next week!

Year 3/4 - Healthy After School Snacks

In the final week of last half term year 3/4 made some tasty treats as part of our DT topic.  Each small group planned a healthy after school snack which was a dip of some kind with ‘edible spoon/scoop’.  The three dips were either a veggie salsa style, crushed chickpeas or yogurt based.  Each team were able to flavour their dips as they wanted to.  We then taste tested the dips and adjusted the seasoning as needed.  I’m sure you’ll agree that they look delicious and healthy!

Year 5/6 - Surrealist Art

This week the children learnt about surrealism in art, looking at work by various artists such as Salvador Dalí and Paul Klee. They learnt about how the artists were inspired by dreams and how they tried to capture subconscious thoughts. The children used a method called automatism to help release subconscious thoughts.


In science, the children explored irreversible changes, focussing on combustion. They explained how they knew that burning was a chemical reaction that cannot be reversed.


The children developed their balancing skills in P.E. They practised maintaining balance first on a line, then on a low beam, while receiving a small force from various angles.

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